We were invited to the Sunday dinner for the new Warsaw restoration: kuchnia Funkcjonalna. Before official opening we seated beneath the sloping roof, fitted with glass of the modernist villa, and Bartek Polak, the owner and the head chef, especially for us prepared four exceptional dishes. 

– 2/01/2014 –

He cooked  fried and baked everything on vintage type of stove heated with firewood. In the meantime he was telling us stories about cooking and his idea for his own place.

Bartek Polak: The Functional kitchen was created  from association of the name of the building, in which it functions – Functional House – with an idea of healthy and functional food. Therefore it is a healthy, tasty and simple cuisine. It’s function is not only to satiate, but also to feed up. That is being transferred into a choice of the best ingredients:  wholegrain flour, basmati rice, pressed, cold rape or linen oil. The menu is changing along with seasons and with the rhythm of products, which are available on the local markets. We make sure that everything comes from the fine farms. Our suppliers are the people, who work with passion and respect, we are trying not to hire accidental persons.

Building by Jakubowska 16 it is a monument of modernist architecture.  A Functional house is a project binding beneath one’s roof various institutions and cultural projects. Nowadays, functions there art gallery BWA and Asymetria Gallery.

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