Morze w gębie

We are running late to visit Riff on one sunny, Tuesday right before 16, anxious, that as in many Spanish restaurants at the siesta time, we will  find the doors closed.  It’s difficult for us, because we got used to the traditional Polish lunchtime, and now we have to switch to the local food system. Here prevail tough rules: either we catch for the warm lunch served between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. or we have to wait until 8 p.m. with satiating our appetite. Luckily, Riff is open. And it friendly welcomes us into its elegant, minimalist interior. I guess we are lucky because right next to us sits the family of head chef and due to that the opening hours prolonged today a little bit. ‘Don’t think that I everyday sit at  the table in my own restaurant’ laughs Bernd.  But he often talks to guests, asks if customers enjoy the served dishes. Riff’s inside is not large – it is one room, seven round tables. Fashionable, discrete minimalism, economical simplicity letting the food rule the roost. The menu is not extensive. It is possible to choose some from single dishes, a 6 dishes Riff’s menu (57 Euro) or a 10 dishes winter menu (85 Euro). Bernd Koller gracefully presents his vision of cuisine of this area of Spain which bases on the seafood wealth. He deprives it of heaviness and predictability. We are leaving enchanted with both the food, and the discreet kindliness of the service.

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