Pickled Cauliflower:
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon sugar
100 ml of sweet white wine
100 ml water
200 ml rice vinegar
300 g cauliflower florets
Mix all ingredients except cauliflower, heat them without bringing to a boil. Put cauliflower to a jar and pour the previously prepared marinade. Marinate it for at least 3-4 days in a warm place. After reaching your preferred acidity, store in the refrigerator.
Cauliflower under gremolata:
300 g cauliflower divided into large florets
3 thick slices stale bread without crust
3 tablespoons olive oil
grated zest of 1 lemon
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
2 tablespoons chopped black olives – the best type is kalamata
a pinch of salt and pepper
Gremolata, which is a mix of finely chopped parsley, garlic and lemon zest, is used traditionally in the Italian Lombardy region to ossobuco, but it also tastes great with some vegetables. Steam the cauliflower until half-soft. The rest of the ingredients blend in a small food processor to obtain the consistency of coarse crumbs. Put the cauliflower to a flat baking dish, cover it with the gremolata and bake in an oven with a grill option until brown.
300 g cauliflower divided into florets
1 large onion, chopped into cubes
2 cloves of mashed garlic
200 ml of almond milk
50 ml dry white wine
1 teaspoon truffle oil
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
Fry the onion in hot oil, add garlic and cauliflower. Fry another 5 minutes on high heat, pour the wine and evaporate the alcohol. Pour vegetable milk and cook until the cauliflower is soft. Blend to a smooth puree, season with salt, pepper and truffle oil. Keep warm.
2 large handfuls of watercress or rucola
large handful mint leaves
teaspoon hot mustard
tablespoon olive oil
3-4 tablespoons of marinated cauliflower
salt and pepper to taste
Gently stir together all ingredients.
Put in the middle of the plate 2-3 tablespoons of warm puree, 1/3 arrange on top of the salad, and on the sides put the cauliflower baked under gremolata. Enjoy your meal!

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