Min’s sandwiches

Onigiri has been known in Japan even longer than sushi. This dish is in majority composed of rice (but just like in the case of sushi it has to be a special type of perfectly prepared rice). It is also important that the nori used for wrapping the rice stays crunchy until the moment of consumption. So the Japanese invented the whole system of foils placed neatly between the rice and nori which are taken out with one simple move just before nori is served.

This is a new alternative to sandwiches, this i how Sungmin Han, the founder of Min’s Onigiri, presents her product to the citizens of Poznań.  The practical triangle form and the possibility to add various stuffing (roasted tuna, chicken, vegetables), the light and exotic character of the snack make people wait in line for avocado-mayo, kimchi-cheddar, tuna-mayo or teryaki chicken. The students form the nearby university are ready to arrive late in the class only to taste this casual food and its interesting flavour.

-In Japan onigiri is a simple, quick and healthy snack which you can buy almost everywhere, Min (short for Sungmin) explains. –So, it is a great brunch idea or something that adds variety to your breakfast box.

It was a totally spontaneous idea to open such place in Poznań. Min came to Poland to join her fiancé, a Japanese, and she was looking for a job. For the past three years she has lived in Japan and she got to know Japanese cuisine while working at a restaurant. That is why, when she moved in to Poland she tough that opening a shop with onigiri could be a good idea. –Everyone got to love it, suddenly the place became a local favourite!, she laughs. Everyone will find a flavour for himself/herself at Min’s Onigiri – from spicy bibimbap with chilli pepper to more mild bulgogi beef (Korean version of BBQ). There is also Japanese miso. Onigiri cost 5-6 Polish złoty. Moreover, the offer will certainly grow and change. One thing is for sure,  Min’s Onigiri will remain for a long time in the edgy taste buds of the citizen’s of Poznań!

Min’s Onigiri, Poznań, ul. Taylora 1


text: Edward Kanarecki photos: Edward Kanarecki and Min’s Onigiri

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