What’s your cereal number?

For them, it’s so religious, they have to eat breakfast. It’s not about choices. It’s a must thing to do for them. But the other hand, for those who doesn’t eat breakfast, some of them desires to eat breakfast in the morning but simply just don’t have enough time to eat breakfast or too lazy to prepare their own. Above all, breakfast food is always good to have, whether it’s in the morning or in the evening. Everyone’s favourite breakfast is variety. I have favourite question of mine, “What’s your favourite breakfast?’ the answers always surprise me. Last week, somebody answered me oatmeal as his favourite breakfast, I disagreed with him because it’s always mush but he said, if you make it the right way it’s not mush and it’s healthy and quick. I figured out that we all have our own way to deal with their life and I liked the fact that we are all different. That’s what makes the world brighter. Well at least less boring.
Few months ago, in Seoul, a tiny place opened. The Cereal Bar. It is so little only 5 people can seat. You will see all different kinds of colourful boxes of Cereals and lines of cereal dispensers. Basically you choose whatever cereal you want (of course you can mix several different kinds of cereal) and beverages to go with then toppings at last. Each cereal has their own cereal number, so next time you came back at the Cereal Bar and name that number, they will give you the same bowl of cereal you had before. When you are done selecting your cereal, the bartender (?!) will serve you on a silver plate from each dispenser. Although you will get paper bowl and plastic spoon, you feel very much pampered. It’s all because of the silver place. For the first one min, you feel like you’ve been served from your personal butler. But the reality is not your hotel bed, you have to seat at the bar facing the white wall. Sipping the sweeten milk from Lucky Charm (the cereal I choose) was quite a pleasure and the crunchiness of Coco Pops was just what I was looking for the late afternoon snack but at the same time I was so lonely as hell facing the white wall in my fancy red vintage skirt and gold stiletto. I regret the fact that I choose to dine in instead of take away. I think a bowl of cereal at the nearest park isn’t such a bad idea when there is a decent one just a cross the shop. I thought it would be quite fancy to eat a bowl of cereal at the park. If you think of take away food, it’s always the lousy Chinese or sandwich etc. Eating a bowl of cereal at the park can be a very unique experience. When you think outside the box it’s always fun and surprising.
When food meets experience, it has huge impact on you. It is powerful. Brain meets tough is a so strong.
In conclusion, I had enough fun at the Cereal Bar with all the variety of cereals, milks and toppings. Although, if I was the owner of the Cereal Bar by any chance. I would like to add on some more menu. For examples instead of just milk and plain yogurt, how about almond milk, Goat milk or Greek yogurt? As for the topping, I thought it would be great to add some freshness with some seasonal fruits or local honey just harvested.
Maybe it was because of all those bright and colourful cereal boxes, Tons of questions popped up in my brain about eating cereal so here I list them up, you might want to use them to ‘break’ the ice. Sometimes life seem so dull and same but trust me life is full of surprises because we are all different.

  • Milk or no milk?
  • Crunch or soggy?
  • Milk first or cereal first?
  • Drink the milk or leave the milk?
  • Hot milk or cold milk?
  • Sweet cereal or healthier cereal?
  • Add your topping or just cereal?

Keep calm and eat breakfast. Anytime in the day.

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