Winter edition of USTA

Welcome to the fresh, winter issue of the USTA Magazine. The main theme of this issue is the breakthroughs. We take a closer look at the turning points in the history of gastronomy. We depict the chefs visionaries whose revolutionary thinking has changed the whole culinary domain. We selected 6 exceptional dishes from the 20th century – milestone meals created by outstanding chefs, which have been described, discussed and reinvented over the years.

– 16/01/2017 –


We chose this topic because the end of the year is a time of summaries and a time of reflection. We live in times when it is hard to keep a positive perspective. Politics, economy, ecology – we receive troubling information on all of these domains of life. The world is undergoing substantial changes, we need re-evaluation, new perspectives, new ideas. We try to give a vent to our thoughts with Andrzej Bargiel, Polish ski-alpinism champion, who received the Snow Leopard award. He has an energy that we wish we, and so the world, had. Going on a hike with him in the snowy Tatra mountains and listening how beautifully and wisely he talks about them was truly an adventure! While in Zakopane we also spoke with Zofia Rayska, one of the first Polish female skiers.


To make your lives sweeter we have something that always cheers up – an intimate meeting with friends in Christmas atmosphere in Poznań’s beautiful Casa MIUT. The dinner is served by super-talented and very ambitious young chef of Ośla Ławka – Krzysztof Łapawa. You will certainly hear about him again and thanks to USTA you can try his recipes while preparing your Christmas dinner.


We also retreat in the atelier of painter Anna Królikiewicz where food beautifully merges with paint and female energy. We pay a visit to Beata Bochińska in her house in Warsaw’s outskirts, where she takes us on a tour into her collection of Polish design from the 1950’s and 1960’s. If you also hunt for the projects of Tomaszewski, Drozdów you have to read this interview! And at the end we take you to Budapest to soak out the stress and winter sadness in the baths, eat, drink and dance – this always works! Thanks to invaluable help of Hungarian diva of gastronomy  Zsofie Mautner we have come up with a selection of a dozen best places in Hungary.


The magazine is available online, in Empik, InMedio, Realy and selected points of sale – a full list available here.

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