Blooming Warsaw

For the third time we are organising the most beautiful spring festival of the USTA Magazine – the long awaited Festival of Flowers! On April 1 (and no, it’s not an April Fool’s prank) Mysia 3 Shopping Centre will turn into a blooming garden full of incredible flowers and hidden treasures.

– 16/03/2017 –

There will be ceramics, garden accessories and flower cosmetics. The experts we invited to the festival will tell you how to replant, care for and eat the plants. You will also learn how to make flower compositions. As each year we will host Łukasz Marcinkiewicz and Radosław Berent from the cult Poznań flower shop Kwiaty & MIUT, who are also authors of the book “O Kwiatach (“On Flowers”). We will talk about the influence of plants on our well-being, we will invite you for a discussion about the plants which cleanse the air in our apartments. These days, as we are plagued by pollution and smog, the greenery in our surroundings becomes increasingly important. Łukasz i Radek and Sebastian Kulis from Roślinne Porady (Eng. Plant Tips) and Grzegorz Łapanowski, the founder of Gastro Garden will talk with Monika Brzywczy about the life changing benefits of the greenery. Join us! We start celebrating at 11:00,

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