Luxurious Fondants

They were born out of love for the atmosphere of the 1930s and 1940s, films in an old cinema and vintage fashion. But they are also a result of the search for authentic food without additives, with simple list of ingredients.  Please welcome Pomadki Luksusowe (Eng. Luxurious Fondants), they are truly addictive!

– 26/04/2017 –


The fondants are made with a typically pre-war care for detail, hand-made across the whole production process, cut and packed in little boxes, which are assembled by a professional bookbinder.

We chose the name “Fondants” on purpose, Alicja Przewoźniak explains, although their flavour is closer to traditional Polish milky fudges “krówki” (Eng. little cows). Most of our customers think that they already know everything about “krówki” fudges but they are totally surprised by the flavour of our Fondants. It is because we use authentic cream and high quality butter. This flavour cannot be faked.



The toffees are available in a dozen or so variations, made into  small candies, bars with dried fruits or toffee cream in jars:

– classic milky with vanilla

– chocolate with oreo

– chocolate with cocoa beans

– coffee with cardamom

– milky with flower pollen

– spicy with ginger bread

– cini minis

– ginger bread

– salty caramel

– milky with chilly

– milky with beetroot

– milky with strawberry

– milky with lavender

– orange anise

The fudges are currently sold online, in selected cafes, eco markets and delicatessen shops in several Polish towns. We plan to open our own confectionery/workshop under our own label, with original furniture, equipment and styling from the Pre-war era, Alicja adds.



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