Urban Jungle

Welcome to a colourful oasis in Bucharest. Kāne World Food Studio is  a place where you can get traditional Romanian ribs with grilled polenta as well as a whole menu of exotic dishes from all around the world.

– 23/05/2017 –

Chef Philip Le Quilliec included in the menu both Thai tom yum soup, Japanese prawns in panko, and Moroccan lamb. Asian dishes are predominant, but you will also find here culinary influences from France, Jamaica, Hawaii and even Finland!




It seems to be a mishmash but it all actually fits together. The focus is on strong smells and flavours and on energy and colour. The restaurant takes its name after one of four major Hawaiian gods. Kāne symbolises the life in nature, he is the father of everything alive and the master of the forest.

The whole concept is also reflected in the restaurant’s interior design, designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica. Concrete floors, columns and long marble bar are revived by the thicket of plants and the jungle-print wallpaper. The light shines in the mirrors, copper decorations and enamelled tiles. Wooden furniture and seagrass carpets make us feel like at home or rather at a beach house – and we’re not in Maui but in the Romanian capital.

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