Vive Nanan!

In Wrocław’s Kotlarska street you can eat traditional éclairs made of choux pastry and crème pâtissière. What makes them special, though, are the various flavours of the icing, caramelised toppings and intricate decorations. – Éclair is a pastry everyone knows well, but we try to give it a slightly more modern look, while respecting the classic form. We constantly invent new flavour variations to whet the appetites of the visiting gourmands, the owner Justyna Kawiak tells.

– 1/06/2017 –






Nanan, in French means cake, sweet treat. This short, easy to remember name was invented by Buck Studio, which artfully created a sweet, delicate space of the patisserie. This pastel place is full of round shapes reminding of the soft éclairs. – When we started the project, we knew that our place needs to be special, totally different from the patisseries that we knew, Basia Migdał-Bobrowska, the founder of Nanan, explains. Indeed, Nanan stands out from both Polish and foreign pastry workshops. It was awarded by the jury of an American competition Hospitality Design Awards. The Buck Studio design was selected from among 640 contestants, qualified for the finals and eventually won the first price in New York on June 7! The founders of Nanan humbly say that they focus on the current affairs, but personally, we cannot wait to see the trophy in the pink plush décor!




Kotlarska 32, Wrocław

text: Dagmara Rosiak, photos: PION



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