Food is usually associated with positive things: friends and family, travels, discovering new flavours. But what if the food is not available? Or when we start denying ourselves food for various reasons? You will find these questions discussed in a new quarterly “Non/fiction”. It is yet in the making and it will need your support to be released.

– 31/07/2017 –

“Non/fiction” is a project of Karolina Bednarz, Japanologist and reporter, who currently works on a book on Japan and Dorota Groyecka, journalist and cultural anthropologist, author of a book on the gentrification of Berlin. The magazine was created as a platform to discuss problems which are generally marginalised by the mass media and to promote reliable journalism: fact checking and deeper analysis of described problems. And it all will be served in aesthetic, minimalist layout designed by Poważne Studio.


The first issue will be devoted to the broadly defined subject of hunger – including both eating disorders and food deficits. It will be an attempt to present a thoughtful perspective on the topic of diets, which the media swamp us with every day.


In the first issue you will read an interview with American neurobiologist Dr Sandrą Aamodt, who speaks up about weight discrimination and discusses how diets change our brain, and an interview with Martín Caparrós, author of a notorious book “Hunger”. In a dozen or so reportages and interviews, the text authors demonstrate how much the food and the lack of it affect our lives. Is food the obsession of today? Maybe we should learn just to enjoy it? And finally, why do some people starve themselves while others suffer hunger?


You can read it all in the first issue of the “Non/fiction” magazine. Support this independent initiative and order first issue here:


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