The Summer of Luxury

In the new, summer issue of the USTA Magazine, we examine the meaning of luxury. Our impression is that the notion of luxury is currently being redefined. While in the past it used to be associated with expensive, shiny objects, now it is more related to authenticity, craftsmanship and experience.

– 10/08/2017 –




Our magazine isn’t soaked in gold but it does contain the colour purple, beautifully described by Anna Królikiewicz. Tessa Capponi-Borawska, Italian aristocrat, who has been living in Warsaw for over 30 years, talks about her hometown Florence, the history of her family line, dating back to the Middle Ages, the balls, the savoir vivre at the table and her understanding of nobility.



We also wangled our way in the kitchens of Igor Czarnecki, Tomek and Gosia Rygalik, Bożena and Bogdan Kulczyński and Edward Porembny to ask them about their understanding of luxury today. Each of them gave a different answer. Some find luxury in the comfort of using everyday objects, others in reading Rousseau and a bite of a fresh baguette in a city park and yet others in their own cottage hidden in a wild corner of the world. We will tell you all about them.




In the past, it was fat, salt, pepper, saffron and then oysters and caviar that were considered luxurious. Today, on the other hand, the long-forgotten vegetables and products from the countryside are the new fancy. These days we aren’t hungry, we are full – a phenomenon illustrated by professor Jarosław Dumanowski. The luxury of a time just for oneself is described by Marta Dymek in a very honest interview, where she explains why the rich of the Silicon Valley invest in „fake meat”. Dorota Chrobak recalls the magical movie “Grey Gardens”, in which aristocrats live the way they used to, although their world had long been forgotten. Konrad Konstantynowicz rightly argues that some gastro-monuments like kopi luvak, foie gras or bluefin tuna should be abandoned and suggests what to replace them with.


And finally, since it’s a summer issue, we have two beautiful trips for you. The first to the Duoro Valley, a place with fantastic wines, endless pools, lovely vineyards and amazing Duoro Boys! And the second to the richest city in Europe – Amsterdam, where we had fun in an old school, swam in an ancient tramway barn, ate in a greenhouse, slept in a former newspaper editorial office and where we were swinging on swings on the roof of a tower block! There are things to visit, to eat and to read this summer!

The magazine is available directly from the publisher here.

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