We long for the country life. We love to buy products directly from the farmers. At the end of September, the moment when nature presents us with a profusion of crops, we want to invite you to a special event, where we discover the taste, the look and the work of the Polish country of today. At the event, you will have a chance to taste small-farm products, talk with people who left the city and moved to the countryside to run their farms, discover food cooperatives and take part in handicraft workshops.

– 20/09/2017 –


We will savour dishes and products made according to traditional methods and marvel at Polish handicraft in modern form. We will get to know the new generation of Polish farmers, who left the city on purpose to grow crops and rear animals. They have excellent quality products, which they know how to pack and how to promote. They can be an inspiration for others. To our exhibitors’ area, we invited farmers, craftsmen, producers and artists from all over Poland. We will learn how to bake, grow, process, smoke and weigh according to ancient methods. In the workshop area, we will try to understand how to live in the country and if it is worth to do so. We will talk with people who abandoned the city and adapted rural lifestyle. They will tell us what was hardest about this choice and where to find support and fundings. We will also meet restaurant owners who started growing their own food in order to be able to have a greater influence on the products that are served in their restaurants. And finally, there will be some ethnic fashion, ceramics, and natural cosmetics


Partners: Mysia 3, Kotlina Natury

Wspólpraca: Muzeum Etnograficzne


Media patrons: Gazeta Wyborcza,, Co jest grane, USTA Magazyn, Warsaw Foodie, Mlask

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