The new, autumn issue of our magazine is dedicated to fire. Maybe it’s the chilly weather that arrived already at the end of holidays, or maybe it’s the long freezing months ahead that inspired the topic. Anyway…

– 1/10/2017 –

…we’ve decided to warm you up. We are going to warm your stomach – with especially hot spices such as pepper and chili (while telling you the history of their way onto our tables), and your head – sharing with you interviews with people, who take care of their spiritual fire.

We also met with Robert Biedroń, who introduces a whole new perspective on the politics. Zuza Krajewska photographed him at a common market and in a Vietnamese bar. We saw people’s reactions when they met him, how they approached him to talk for a moment and congratulate. We need such politicians, who are able to talk about tough and moving questions.

We also recommend our interview with Niklas Ekstadt, one of the most famous chefs in Sweden. He specialises in open-fire cooking. He agreed not only to walk us through his restaurant and prepare some dishes for our photo shoot, but also he told us about his career path. And it all started when he was 20 years old and opened his own restaurant, where chefs like René Redzepi and Heston Blumenthal used to cook.

We looked into the theme of fire, discussing its historical meaning for the establishment of gastronomy and our civilisation. We selected the best alcohols which set palates on fire but and we also analysed the dark side of the phenomenon of fire in cooking.

Finally, we set on a journey to a firey city – we visited Tel Aviv. The best addresses in the city are collected for you in the new USTA magazine.

You can order this issue here.

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