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The sun rises over Poznanska street, your deli is open quite early, from 7 pm, what will we be able to eat from you?
Our menu includes warm porridge and lamb’s porridge in five different versions, Burchery, that is cold-soaked oatmeal porridge, superfoods latte based on, among others, Bavaria. ashwagandhy, curcuma, matzas and a selection of smoothies composed by Kia?, which for two years has been creating the Detoxikate brand, offering detox kits based on cocktails. The offer will certainly change seasonally, in the autumn and winter season we warm up and add energy, in the summer we will refresh and cool down.
Warsaw suffers from a lack of good breakfasts, why?
Good Start is not only breakfast, because porridge and cocktail is a brilliant energy injection at any time of the day. We start early, because we want to give people what they usually don’t have time to prepare themselves. Morning is a momentum and a million things seemingly more important than food, so the interesting menu offer in Warsaw’s restaurants starts with lunch. All our dishes are in take-away version, so that our customers can always have something delicious and nutritious at hand.

Both of you are models, how does this translate into your approach to eating?
We know perfectly well what the sterotypes are about the models!  One thing is certain: we are used to watching carefully what we eat. The body reacts quickly to what is being given to it. You cannot feel it well, both physically and mentally, without good food. Like many people in Warsaw, we live intensively and we mainly live in the city. Each of us lived abroad for a long time and we got used to the fact that being in Paris or New York we could eat something that is a delicious fuel for the rest of the day. Most of the time, it ended in a boring sandwich. We have decided to change this. Our menu was tested on different professional groups (laugh) and we guarantee that it will not only taste the models!

Apart from the fact that healthy ingredients, what else is a prerequisite for a good breakfast?
Definitely the climate of the place where they are eaten! That’s why we approached the visual side of the premises with such care. Our architect, Zuza Bujacz-Jaworska, has created a truly unique design, using every inch of this relatively small space.
Do you start on Poznanska street in the very centre of culinary Warsaw, do you have a dire mood?
Recent weeks have been full of intense work and excitement. Fortunately, we all the time get a lot of good energy and support from people, and this combined with the pursuit of passion is a great stress reducer.
Who designed your identification?
Kuba Bujas and Krzysztof Kosz from LAF Management.

Is it possible to order your breakfast to bed?
We will be happy to deliver them. They can also be ordered the day before to be picked up in Deli at a specific time to take them off without queueing. Welcome!
K1 and K2 – it’s your cocktails, we hope that they will allow us to reach the highest peak every day. We keep your fingers crossed.
Good Start Deli || Warsaw
Poznańska 5 street

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