Polypody, MONSTERA, AND Ficus

Following the success of the first book “O kwiatach” (Eng. “On Flowers”), which sparked the new wave of interest in greenery in Poland, it’s time to move to the green round two. This time Radosław Berent and Łukasz Marcinkowski took up home-grown plants. They presented and described around 50 species of potted plants. USTA and Full Meal are the publishers of the book.

– 12/11/2017 –



In “O roślinach” (Eng. “On Plants”), Radek and Łukasz introduce you to taking care of, watering, fertilising and choosing the right place for your plants. Additionally, the book contains a map of Polish orangeries and essays about plants in art and about their influence on health and wellbeing.

There are also tips how to prepare step by step a forest in a jar, a kokedama and suggestions how to arrange tillandsias.



This book is in album format, it includes 150 beautiful photographs and professional advice interlinked with the authors’ personal stories.



Price: PLN 79

Special pre-sale price PLN 62 available until the end of October.

You can order the book HERE.

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