Vegan Christmas

If you are wondering what can be served on the Christmas table instead of carp and pâté, we invite you to our pre-Christmas fair, which will take place on the 16 of december on third floor of the MYSIA 3 department store.

– 9/12/2017 –

We organize the vegan holidays for those who like fruit and vegetables, for those who want to exclude from the diet and environment everything of animal origin and those who seek gifts for their loved ones. But also for those who do not despise grandmothers’ liver or sausage from the bonfire during the picnic, but want to eat lighter and different ways every day, for you, for those teaching your children, that it is worth looking for culinary inspiration outside the world of animals, and finally for those who seek information on cosmetics or clothes that they have not been tested on animals and even know that they do not know that they have been tested on animals.

The world of plants is a constant source of inspiration – we draw inspiration from it and we invite producers of cosmetics, food and clothing with the “Vegan” label to take part in our vegan candles. We have heard that Warsaw is growing into a culinary mecca of vegetable cuisine – we believe that this is a positive and good thing that we want to be part of.

Come on December 16th at MYSISA 3 and look for floral inspirations with us – there will be plenty of delicious, healthy delicacies, beautiful objects and brand conscious brands waiting for you. See you!

Registration of exhibitors:

16 December, Warsaw, Mysia 3

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