Ołowska’s Amoresque

A new exhibition of Paulina Ołowska “Amoreski: Intelektualny Koktajl Erotyki Kobiecej” (Amoresque: an Intellectual Cocktail of Women Erotica”) opens on January 26 in Warsaw.

– 26/01/2018 –



It will be accompanied by a series of events devoted to feminism and queer in art. The programme will include screenings of post-pornographic movies by Maria Beatty and Sylvere Lotringer or a lecture on the aesthetics of lust by Tomasz Sikora.

The main inspiration for this exhibition was the art of Maja Berezowska and Viva – a magazine for women published in New York between 1973 and 1980. Maja Berezowska was an author of subtle erotic graphics, well known already before the war. She co-operated with magazines like Szpilki, Nową Kultura or Przekrój. She was a recognised illustrator of poetry and satire volumes. Viva, the International Magazine for Women was published by Penthouse editor Bob Guccione and was an erotic magazine for women. It featured articles and essays exploring women’s fantasies and female sexuality. The magazine was criticised from the very beginning for presenting female sexuality from the male perspective. Viva also published texts about contemporary art, short literary essays, and interviews with culture personalities of the time.


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