We’ve been waiting impatiently for winter to finally come to an end and for the plants to develop the first sprouts. In our Spring USTA issue we concentrate on the development, the possibility to change and evolve. We firmly believe it is necessary to fully enjoy your life.

– 24/04/2018 –


We met with people who are at the top of their professional careers. We asked them how they are making it happen and how they are keeping the work life balance. At Madrid Fusion we came across Elena Arzak, the main chef at the 3-star Arzak restaurant. In the interview for USTA she said that defeats give us motivation to introduce changes in our lives. We also met with Garima Aurora, an Indian who was supposed to be a journalist but instead, became the future of fine dining. We talked about her restaurant Gaa in Bangkok.







Sometimes, to understand one’s life you need to step back, take a distance or maybe even relive your life again? Just like the characters from the book “Jak Zawsze” (Eng. “As Always”) by Zygmunt Miłoszewski. With one of the most talented young generation writers, we discussed social memory, stirring tomato soup and feminism.




In this issue, you can cook together with our favourite chefs, who took a seat for a moment relieved that winter is finally gone. Specially for you, they prepared recipes with spring vegetables. Craving for spring pastel colours, we selected accessories to cheer you up and enchant the reality just like the duo Bompas & Parr.




We invite you to Bangkok for the spring break. From this issue, we will be publishing our guides as separate booklets so that you can easily take them with you on your next trip.




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