After months of intense work we can proudly announce that we have opened our own bistro. We serve vegan food, third wave coffee, orange wines and we have a small greenhouse with succulents, and artisanal ceramics – everything we love most gathered in one place. This is our Eden. Come visit us in Saska Kępa!

– 7/06/2018 –


We have found our heaven in Dom Funkcjonalny (Eng. Functional House), a modernist house from 1928. This villa was designed by Czesław Przybylski for his friend and sculptor Mieczysław Lubelski. For the many years to come, it served other artists who lived and worked at the villa, such as Agnieszka Osiecka, Elżbieta and Emil Cieślar, Wiktor Gutt, Barbara Turkiewicz. In the past ten years, it has been beautifully and tenderly modernised by its new owner – architect Wojciech Popławski, who, together with curator Lucyna Sosnowska decided to devote the building to the art. There are galleries on the first floor and a restaurant on the ground floor (previously Kuchnia Funkcjonalna).




To celebrate the artistic traditions of the place, we decided to invite young Polish ceramics artists to work with us. At Eden you will be eating from the lovely ceramic plates by Ani Ani Studio, Kooe, Spiek i Wesky, and you will drink from porcelain bowls created by Fenek.


Our main chef is Michał Gniłka. He received his professional training in London. He worked in multiple places: from ecological restaurants to food markets and exclusive catering companies. One of the most interesting cooking experiences he had was a year spent on the movie sets of Hollywood productions. At that time he had a pleasure to cook for Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Keanu Reeves or Charlize Theron. For nine years he was living between London and Mexico. He also worked as menu consultant for a restaurant in Bali, in the recently very fashionable region of Seminyak. He’s been anchored in Warsaw for some time now. His vegan dishes have until recently been only available to an exclusive group of lucky people who got into his secret dinners in his kitchen. Now you can finally try his cooking at Eden.




In the Eden menu you will find grilled corn and avocado ceviche with coriander and cashew nuts mousse served on tortilla chips (21 PLN); mushroom paté brûlée with water-cress and balsamic strawberries jelly (19 PLN); Malaysian laksa served with tofu in tempura, sea balls (from seaweed), and a bunch of fresh herbs and seaberry juice (34 PLN), or king oyster mushroom scallops-style served in algae sauce on top of fresh corn polenta and fresh asparagus and fennel salad (39 PLN). We also have vegan breakfasts such as a delicious coconut milk porridge with caramelised banana. A wider selection of vegan breakfasts will be available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 to 13.00. Come and try our desserts, we have chocolate crème brûlée with mango foam and kaffir leaves (18 PLN) and vanilla ice-cream with red pepper, salted caramel and passion fruit (17 pLN).


Eden also offers third wave coffee – beans roasted in low temperature, served with alternative brewing methods like drip, chemex, aeropress. We also have high quality tea – among them Berlin’s Paper & Tea or Polish The Tea. Our wine card includes organic wines, orange wines and original home-made drinks.


In the garden of Eden we set up a greenhouse where you can buy over 30 varieties of succulents. We are in love with plants and as the editor of the book “O roślinach” (Eng. “On Plants”), we were sure to include a green element in our flagship restaurant. We invite you to come to our greenhouse to buy plants, ask specialists how to take care of them or just eat something tasty in a beautiful surrounding. We will soon be holding interesting florist workshops with Anna Niesterowicz and Marcin Gładki and organise pop-up shops with cut flowers.




Coming to Eden is certainly an occasion to meet the authors of the USTA Magazine. We intended to create a modern and friendly place that we needed ourselves as the resident of Saska Kepa. A place far from restaurant chains, unusual, avant-garde, but at the same time, aware of tradition. This is why at Eden we have, for instance Mariusz, a waiter with 30-years’ experience who remembers his clients names and who knows what the meaning of the word “boucheron”. We hope we will be able not only to build an interesting culinary concept, but also a place with soul, which stays in memories and makes the hearts beat quicker. We hope you will keep returning to our garden to take a breath of fresh air. See you at Eden!



Jakubowska 16


tel. 698 646 662

Opening hours:

Tues.-Thurs. 9.00-22.00

Fri.-Sat. 9.00-24.00

Sun. 9.00-18.00

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