The summer issue of the USTA Magazine is dedicated to the everyday life. We will take a look at it from philosophical, architectural, cultural and, of course, culinary perspective. We bring you both a dose of reflection, like our material on zero waste, and homey, summer treats. 

– 26/07/2018 –

There are people who treat their everyday life in an unusual way – Anna Królikiewicz beautifully describes the images taken in her kitchen, also giving examples of those, who knew how to celebrate it in literature and philosophy – Białoszewski, Brach-Czaina. Dorota Chrobak writes about Chantal Akerman’s film experiment of registering everyday life. We also asked people of various professions about their daily routines. An artist, a dancer, a farmer, a room painter and a curator disclose the secrets of their lives on a daily basis. They are moving, funny, conventional and unconventional at the same time.



Mundanity can be starkly different depending where it takes place. Piotr Horzela described the days passing in the Arctic, where he spent 18 months. It is there that you crack all eggs for scrambled eggs immediately on the day of delivery because it is easier to store them frozen in plastic bags in -20 degrees. The rhythm of days is marked by putting on multiple layers of clothing, confirming presence and checking the speed of wind.

Maurycy Gomulicki paid a visit to Rodrigo Lariosa in his amazing house located on the northern hillside of Valle de México. This story is like a fantasy that disenchants the mundanity.



In this issue you will find the tales of royal courts’ kitchens next to the story of milky bars (did you know that they were invented in Warsaw?) Sometimes seeing touching and being close to some beautiful object is enough to make your day. This is why we asked Sylwia Chutnik, Ula Ryciak and Marek Bieńczyk to describe their favourite things. Looking at its many aspects and from different perspectives, the everyday life is not as monotonous as it could seem.



Incidentally, in this issue, everyday life merged with the zero waste topic. We prepared a lot of tips how not to waste food and how to prepare cosmetics and cleaning supplies yourself. We hope that that this issue of USTA will make your days delightful!



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