Open air, low-key concerts, stargazing, and little feasts all await you at the extraordinary Breaths Festival (Pl. Tchnienia). The Festival takes place in an ancient Orthodox church in Baligród in the Jabłonka River Valley, in late August, early September. USTA Magazine is media patron on the event!

– 11/08/2018 –

Breaths Festival is mostly about music, but there will also be movies, sculpting and cooking activities. Some of the artists who will be singing among the firs are: Misia Furtak, tęskno, Tomasz Mreńca, M8N, Light Star Guiding and Tomasz Bednarczyk. The programme also includes movies’ screenings, discussions, photography exhibition and watching stars together with the team from Warsaw’s Copernicus Centre.



Top ceramics artists, excellent regional products manufacturers and inspiring chefs – Maciej and Ewa Mimiec have also been invited to collaborate on this event.

This year’s Festival was born from Terytoria Kultury (Eng. Culture Teritories), the initiative of architect Łukasz Pałczyński, which has been running for 3 years in the Bieszczady Mountains. It was at the last edition of Culture Teritories that the founders of the Breaths Festival met.

The Festival has no sponsors, it is created out of longing for peaceful encounters and being present here and now. The organisers work as volunteers and perceive the Bieszczedy Mountains as the common HERE.




Date: 30.08-02.09.2018
Venue: Greek Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary in Baligród, Bieszczadzka 1 street, Bystre – Jabłonka River Valley

photos: Łukasz Pałczyński

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