We have a pleasure to invite you to the second edition of Crops – The Festival of the Countryside. Last year’s event in Warsaw had a fantastic turnout and this is why we decided to organise the Festival again. There will be delicious products straight from the field, unique handicraft, natural cosmetics as well as discussions about modern farming methods. 

– 18/09/2018 –

Autumn is the time of abundance and crops. It’s the time to enjoy natural, organic, healthy products, ideally bought directly from the farmers who grew them or artisans who manufactured them. We are witnessing the revival of the Polish countryside. There are people who are truly devoted to taking care of the soil, they are the people we want to honour at our Festival. We will ask them to share their experiences.

We will taste dishes and products made according to traditional methods and marvel at Polish modern handicraft. You will be able to buy healthy, natural, herbal products straight from the producers.

We will invite farmers, craftsmen, manufacturers, and co-operatives from all around Poland to our exhibition space at Mysia 3 Shopping Centre.

We are inviting farmers and exhibitors to take part in the event. Please apply to our we will send more information and prices.


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