We bring you the 20th issue of USTA Magazine which we devote to emotions. We came up with the idea for this theme to energise this winter, to warm it up, turn it on, to stir things up. We needed it badly when we were working on this issue in the gloomy Warsaw November. We have been looking for the power triggers, as well as questions and people that will inspire us to get up in the morning and wander through the foggy autumn days.

– 13/12/2018 –


We have found them and we have a pleasure to present them to you: First, Bolesław Chromry, whose drawings make our team roll laughing. His distance and sense of humour work better than any anti-depressant. And by the way, it’s cool that he can discuss anti-depressants with no fuss.

We also had a chance to charge our batteries during a trip to the producers of our favourite wine – Valli Unite vineyard near Milan. If you feel down sometime, we recommend you book a room with them and spend few days in the lovely Piedmont countryside. The charisma and wisdom of Ottavio, the optimism of Elisabeth will give you a kick. We appreciate their attitude towards the life, the earth and the happiness. In the new issue of USTA, we prepared an extensive coverage of this Italian co-operative which had been running for 40 years.



On that occasion, we also visited Milan and we created a guide to this „Italian classic”. Then we went near Naples to meet Pepe, who makes the best pizza in the world. Thanks to sunny Italia, our issue became more radiant. We are especially happy that we had the opportunity to interview our favourite Italian star Toni Servillo – known for his role in the “Great Beauty” and “Loro”, the new film that has just come to the cinemas. Having the talk with him was such a blast!



Another interesting interview we had was with Radek Zarębiński, a Polish chef, who has been working for several years in the best restaurant in Asia – Gaggan. This issue also shines with countless gripping stories: we bring you a story of the crazy Leonora Carrington and the unknown episodes in the biography of Agatha Christie. Olga Badowska came back from Colombia and brought us a piece on coca leaves and some tips how to use them. Finally, for those who got hungry, we have some Christmas recipes, and they are not solely Polish traditions. And some delicious sweets from Ala from Miss Mellow. Read, cook and be happy in 2019!



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