Soft as a kiss

We introduce a special collection of soaps we created together with cosmetics brand Purite. You can choose out of three interesting combinations prepared exclusively for USTA Magazine. 

– 7/01/2019 –

There is a soap made of activated charcoal which cleans perfectly, removing toxic substances and bacteria. It is suitable for all types of skin. There is also a delicious pumpkin soap made of pumpkin seeds oil. It moisturises, softens and – watch out! – helps getting rid of stretch marks! Thanks to its high potassium content it also has cleansing and brightening effect, while beta-carotene improves skin colour – it is an excellent soap for the coming autumn and winter. The soap also contains honey which revitalises and moisturises the skin, sooths and favours quick irritated skin healing. And finally, the lavender soap with lavender oil, honey and goat milk. It rejuvenates, smoothens and has antiseptic and disinfecting qualities. It helps healing sunburns and inflammations. All our soaps contain shea butter. We boast about them and we recommend them! Soon available at:


purite-2 purite-1

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