Her plates and bowls from the “Wave” collection have been all over social media in the past weeks. These pastel blue, pink and light blue pieces evoke summer paradise or the endless sky during the sunsets – that is everything we miss so much in Poland during winter. These projects come from Mua Studio, made by Katia Romanowska.

– 9/01/2019 –

– How is it possible that there is so much water and ocean in the works of a girl, who comes from Podlasie? – Maybe it is because my father comes from Masurian Lake District, Katia laughs. – We used to spend a lot of time by the water, be it Polish lakes or travelling further around Europe. I love to spend time in the nature, I still travel a lot and I like surfing. Maybe this is why I do not enjoy boundaries – both in my life and at work. Maybe this is also why, I decided for such a big change in my professional career.


Katia is an architecture graduate. She has lived in Warsaw for 11 years. Right after her studies, she worked in a couple of architecture studios. Then, for three years, she was creative director at one of young fashion brands.

She has always loved the ceramics and beautiful design. Last year she decided that she wanted to learn how to form and fire ceramics. She signed up for the classes. Classes passed, one after another, and suddenly she would spend most of her free time in the workshop. She was surprised to see how much she got into it. She started giving away her projects and then selling them to her friends. Suddenly, other people also got interested in buying them. The first orders came in.






Mua Studio is very young, it started only few months ago. Nevertheless, we see great success ahead of Mua Studio because Katia has an amazing energy and people love her projects. Follow her on Instagram, place your orders via Facebook or visit her in her Warsaw showroom in Dział Zawadowski 103 (make an appointment earlier). You can also eat delicious vichyssoise soup and sweet potato French fries with kimchi from Mua bowls at our Eden Bistro.

photos: Krzysztof Kozanowski and Paulina Ratajczyk

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