If you are looking to rent a desk in an unconventional co-working space, you need to check Jaśkowa Dolina Street in Gdańsk. It is there that two girls, who work in the creative industries, established Świetlica Collective Space.

– 24/01/2019 –





Kasia is graphic and interior designer and Paulina is photographer. They both wanted to create a place that would be more than just a meeting space for people representing various creative domains and professions. “Common” is the word that most clearly describes the essence of their needs and ideas. Świetlica was born out of the dreams about a creative and supportive community.




The girls started with arranging the space of an apartment from the early 1900s. They had to fit in a co-working area, a photo studio and a workshop room. They wanted to preserve the authentic character of the interior so they spent hours renovating remaining ornaments, stucco on the ceiling and cleaning the ancient window frames and doors. The interior also reflects the girls’ love for strong colours and geometry. The decoration and murals, hand-made by Kasia, are a free interpretation of early 20th century aesthetics. The space is fitted with second hand design. Among Persian carpets and old wooden furniture, you can find the jewels of the Polish design – “armchair 366” by professor Józef Chierowski from 1962 and steel chair designed in 1968 by professor Henryk Sztaba, which the owners painted in gold.




The interior of this old tenant’s house, full of original details, has become a background for photographers’ and designers’ activities. Świetlica regularly hosts workshops, meetings and sessions. Each week the co-workers meet for excellent Thursday breakfasts. During weekends, they learn lettering and calligraphy and sometimes even create crazy collages. The guests who visit them during their events often stay for good. They do it not only for the tasty croissants and coffee that the girls prepare, but most of all for the atmosphere that breeds creativity and exchange of ideas.




Świetlica Collective Space
Jaśkowa Dolina 8, Gdańsk

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