Sensual collection

It’s already been decided:  this spring, our senses will be our focus.  It will be sweet and jam-packed with emotion, it will get hot and our bodies will experience chills more than once.  But let’s start at the beginning.  FiORE’s new Sensual collection will lead us into temptation and bring us into close contact with our senses.

– 20/03/2019 –

While the collection is designed primarily with a woman’s fashion sense in mind from her waistline to her ankles, it also takes into account the fairer sex as a whole.  It suits your natural needs without complicating an already complex life.  With an eye to simplification and to surrounding you with beauty (and, yes, with a bit of seductiveness in mind, too), the Sensual collection includes six garters, which keep everything on an appropriate level:  the stockings, good taste and delight at female beauty.  Now the senses come into play:  unbounded and a bit frivolous.



Just like the Sensual collection in which the deep colors of black and scarlet wash over you like a fine French wine, emphasizing the curves of your body. Even in sizes XS or XL, because FiORE values the many different forms of the female above all.  Each model in this collection was created to arouse the senses and is a story unto itself.  There are our lacy Burlesque stockings in which – like the most agile dancer – you will never lose the rhythm of the seductive dance or our savage Hunt Me tights with the spots of a wild cat that grabs hold of looks from all around.  If you are a born artist who would feel best in the spotlights of the Moulin Rouge, you are sure to like our Satine stockings with a seam that seems to lengthen your legs and a satin bow as well.  And these are just a few examples of the sensual tales FiORE wants to tell you this spring.   Discover them all and choose your favorite from among them.  In each of them, one thing remains constant:  femininity saturates every last detail like a dash of chili in sweet chocolate.  They are intriguing, awesome, unforgettable.  Are you tempted?

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