Attention! For the fifth time we will be welcoming the spring at the Festival of Flowers. This time we do it simultaneously in two locations. Traditionally, at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre and at Puro Hotel Warsaw, which opens in April this year.

– 5/04/2019 –
Święto Kwiatów 2019



Be ready to experience a double shot of beauty, awe and great meetings! We especially invite flower shops from all over Poland, plant sellers as well as ceramics artists with their vases, plant pots and mugs. Naturally, we will also have plant cosmetics, clothes with flower prints, plant-based food and drink, jewellery with plant-inspired design and a lot of new stuff!

Festival of Flowers, April 13, 11am-7 pm

Locations: Mysia 3 Shopping Centre, Mysia 3PURO Hotel Warsaw, Widok 5/7/9

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