The erotic theme of this issue was inspired by an innocent joke, which was circulating the web around the New Year’s Eve – a black and white photo where the 2019 number reserved in a mirror can be read as “eros”. It made us smile and it evoked a sort of strong need underneath the skin to escape from the gloomy scenery of the Polish winter. We long for the spring and erosrepresents this longing perfectly. Something colourful,sensual and energetic stands in stark contrast with the dragging, tiring and blank season, which sucks the life out of all of us.

What’s the remedy? You can choose to escape into the tropics – this is where many of us emigrate when the colder days arrive. During our getaway on one Thai island, we found Somchaia, an artist who turned his longings and erotic fantasies into a little sculpted universe. On Bali, we met with Justyna and Simon, who chose this isle as their place to live. They are both fruitarians. They have more energy and vitality than a bunch of our devastated by the wintertime compatriots put together. We also had to meet with MaurycyGomulicki, for whom erotica is the daily artistic matter.No one talks about the girls, the latex, and the fetishes more beautifully than he does!

You need to read our interview with him because at the same time it touches the painful problem of denial, which is still actual in our culture when it comes body, sensuality and sex. We are still ashamed, restrained, prudish and embarrassed! Meanwhile, erotic gadgetsexisted already 26,000 years ago! What is interesting, today these gadgets are back to the Stone Age (but not all of them). As for stone, it can be very alluring, especially in the hands of a talented artist like Alina Szapocznikow, sensually described by Anna Królikiewicz.

We checked the offer of love life courses and trainings for couples. We tested several love hotels, dating apps and erotic toys for you. We peeked at sex in a kitchen and on a screen, we added adaptogens to our morning shakes and we created several recipes to prepare for a date. It turned out that what works best for us is the openness of minds and hearts, just like with AgnieszkaŻulewska, who wonderfully talks about the body, the energy and the self-acceptance.

We hope that 21 issue of the USTA Magazine will make your hearts beat, turn you on, and, as the spring buds are bursting outside, prove that life has still many pleasant surprises for us. Like our new columnist debuting in this issue – Bolesław Chromry. If the first pages of this issue fill you with energy, grab our guides and prepare for a journey. This time we prepared for you two different guides – Singapore and the Italian region of Trentino.

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Cover photo by: Piotr Czyż, model: Kamila Szalas

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