Books that make you want to hit the road

Tim Voors, “The Great Alone: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail”, Gestalten 2019, 110 PLN

It took 157 days for the author to walk from Canada to Mexico. He precisely describes how he prepared for the journey, what he took with him, how much it cost and, last but not least, how he survived this excursion.



“Ride Out! Motorcycle Roadtrips and Adventures”, Gestalten 2018, 170 PLN

A dozen super picturesque motorcycle routes from all over the world and people truly passionate about riding two wheels. From Japan, to Silk Road, Alps, Scotland and wild trails of Africa. This is a chronicle of the journeys of various motorcycling teams. The descriptions are rather general, but the photos just dazzling.



Bastiaan Ellen, “Mr Hudson Explores: The Gay Man’s Travel Companion”, Gestalten 2019, 130 PLN

From Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, and Chicago, to Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Shanghai and Tokyo. Tips on best places to stay, eat, party and shop. This guide was created with the gay men in mind. In includes personal takes on the cities from the locals. Beautifully designed, this book will be an excellent gift.



Jeffrey Bowman, “The New Outsiders: A Creative Life Outdoors”, Gestalten 2019, 170 PLN

This is about people, who, thanks to their passions, spend loads of time in the nature. The album features surfers, cyclists, anglers, kayakers and climbers. Each chapter is a description of a picturesque trip with one of them. Very inspiring!



Cam Honan, “The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust off the Beaten Path”, Gestalten 2018, 170 PLN

Are you looking for an idea for an expedition? Check this album with information on several dozen walking and hiking routes around the world. The pictures capture absolutely stunning landscapes. Additionally, we get the descriptions of fauna and flora, weather conditions and useful tips. This book inspired us to visit Scotland.



Clara le Fort, “Bon Voyage: Boutique Hotels for the Conscious Traveler”, Gestalten 2019, 170 PLN

Finally, something for the loungers, who love beautiful design. You might as well plan your journey according to outstanding hotels, guesthouses and resorts and choosing consciously the ones that are environment friendly. The places where the music suits the interior and food and where you feel that the owners care for the atmosphere and surroundings. We love such places and the selection in the album makes us realize how much good is still ahead of us!

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