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Body Feast

Winter comes in December and winter means cold. This is why, on the occasion of our next Festival of Body, we want to encourage you to develop tenderness towards yourselves. Let’s take care of ourselves and our bodies, let’s stay warm, put some nice clothes on and indulge and pamper ourselves. (more…)

New book is out!

Fish and culture - that's the best summary of our new book. Apart from 40 fish recipes created by Jakub Mikołajczak, you will find there something to read about. The premiere of the book "O rybach" (Eng. "On Fish") is due next week. (more…)

Chocolate cake with raspberries and coconut cream

Here is a recipe for quite an unusual chocolate cake. But believe us, it does have a potential to win over every gourmand’s palate! Moist, like the ground in the garden after a several-hour rain, intense, thanks to particularly delicious in this season raspberries, which had enough sun to grow ripe, and exotic, with added coconut, to encourage those of you yet before their holidays and cheer-up those who have just returned from the summer voyages. Bon appétit but please do not exaggerate with the number of devoured cake pieces! (more…)

Memory in a roll

As a child, I remember that every other kids were looking forward for the field trip. We went to see the park, palace and the zoo etc. It was always exciting to leave the classroom but the highlight was always the lunch time. because we got a very, very special lunch box only at field trip’s day. (more…)

Jak smakuje Polska?

The Eat Poland Project was established to promote the Polish cuisine, produce and culinary tradition. Within this project, we present the modern face of the Polish gastronomy, ambitious chefs and places that offer highest quality food. This September we will pay a visit to Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, we will invite 100 journalists and bloggers to taste and discover the flavour of the contemporary Poland. (more…)


If you are travelling to Poznań, don’t forget to pop in Concept 21 – a place with selected brands and intriguing, niche perfume. USTA paid a visit to this concept store in Wielka street to take a closer look at their offer.   (more…)

Tea or coffee?

In the morning of the 15th of October we are going to wake up the sleepy Warsaw with the smell of brewed tea leaves and freshly roasted coffee beans. With the first autumn days the summer lemonades and ciders will be replaced by the two queens: the coffee and the tea. You will welcome your day with us with a Kenyan espresso or an aromatic drip. You will get to know the best baristas and the finest coffee roasters. (more…)

Let’s discover Wrocław together

In our new cycle „OKO na…” (eng. „Focus on…”) we will present the initiatives and brands that shape the character of the Polish cities. It is the places, the people, and their projects  that make our stay in Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków or Gdańsk unforgettable.  When visiting the city we discover it through its artists, architects, food, design and art. All these elements combined together make the DNA of the city, its unique genotype. (more…)

Hi 5!

This is the most beautiful car I have ever designed, said Frank Lamberty, who together with his team crafted the design of the new Audi A5 Coupé. The car is indeed impressive, it is a perfect balance of sports, aggressive silhouette with beautiful and precise line highlighting the sublime form of the vehicle. (more…)

With character

Well, they must have guts to serve pig feet coated in spicy breadcrumbs and mussels in Polish sour rye soup in the Krakow’s bourgeois district of Kazimierz. (more…)

Usta for autumn

This is the end of your summer adventures, conquests of the world, travelling near and far. Here comes the autumn - the time of transformation. It is a time when you go deeper into your inner world. On this time of the year USTA Magazine invites you for a mushroom hunt. We learn about mushroom types, both the common and the new arrivals, we cook exotic mushrooms, we search for mushrooms in art. And for dessert we prepared a guide to San Francisco – we selected the best bars, restaurants and cafes. We talked to Nick Balla, the chef at Tartine Bar, we paid a visit to vineyards in Napa and Sonoma, we met with French physical chemist Hervé This, who created the notion of molecular gastronomy. (more…)

Dragon Bowl at Hanrie

Planning a visit to New York? Then you have to check Café Henrie. We pop in for a lunch at Chloë Sevigny’s favourite restaurant where we discover the personal culinary approach of Camille Becerra. Far from the modern districts, located in an abandoned garage in Lower East Side, this place has a truly intriguing interior designed by the New York artists. (more…)