Geranium flavored aronia compote

Today’s recipe is not only delicious but also very healthy. Aronia berry is the best source of polyphenols and hydroxycinnamic acids – elixir of youth and well-being. Geranium has not only a bactericidal but also antiviral properties. Apparently geranium inhalations have a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure and works as an antidepressant! Its lovely aroma blends with spicy seasonings and repels mosquitoes. Let’s drink! Cheers!

Focaccia with mushrooms and sour cream

Welcome to the mushroom season! It was raining for a while so it’s time. They are growing like crazy! Certainly they will appear in many of our recipes, let’s start with this one: simple and delicious. If you don’t come across chanterelles, you can use shaggy parasol mushrooms or other mushrooms your choice. But the chanterelles are so good…


Wilanowski vegetable garden will be social garden! Already at the beginning of August you will be able to take part in its creation and free gardening and cooking workshops.


In the Mediterranean Sea area we often find dried broad beans. Today, Mickey Rotten in his vegan recipe shows us how easily you can combine dried and fresh version of this very versatile bean. Delicate humus with a clear flavor of dried coriander harmonizes well with the flavors of chanterelles in white wine, young broad beans and sage. Have a great Monday!


USTA crew is traveling through Japan. We are visiting restaurants and amazing markets and shops with so many varieties of products that we want to get down on our knees. Meanwhile, Mickey Rotten proposes a quite simple summer soup inspired by Japanese flavors, easy to make in Polish conditions: ocean fragrant icy dashi. Perilla and cumin flavors are in harmony with delicate broad beans, which is the main ingredient of his recipes this month.

New issue of the USTA Magazine

Here it is – the summer issue of USTA: water, holiday, sand. It will soon go on sale, what can you find inside?

Buckwheat with coconut milk, strawberries in maple syrup and champagne

Mickey Rotten explored so far mainly the world of vegetables. While spring has brought the opportunity to choose a fruit as an ingredient of the month. And so here in June, Mrs. Strawberry is going to rule. We start with breakfast buckwheat with coconut milk on wholemeal bread toast and strawberries in champagne – from rags to riches in one meal. Breakfast served. We wish you a royal week!

GODny Luj

You won’t find here the usual bread, no baguettes, rolls, no cookies or croissants. Nobody cuts here bread on request or sells by weight. But you will learn here the natural and very tasty types: Czeslaw, Luj the first and the second. We visited the bakery studio GODny in Poznan’s Wilda.


Despite the musical output consisting of just two albums she became the first music icon of the twenty-first century. Glittering, admired, scoffed at. Asif Kapadia, BAFTA-winner for masterwork story about the legend of F1, “Senna” had an extremely difficult task to create, as far as possible, an objective documentary about Amy Winehouse from the numerous archives and private records.


Summer is at its peak, fruits are ripening, and we continue to tame a little forgotten fruits, more difficult to handle. Today is time for gooseberries, which is also a variety of currant and one of the healthiest fruits. Whenever you get through the bushes with thorns, hard skin covered with hairs, you will be rewarded in the form of sweet pulp rich in vitamin A, C, fiber and antioxidants. And for this recipe you don’t even need to peel off the skin, in the form of mousse panna cotta it tastes delightful.


When he was five, he decided to be a vegetarian, so Bambi’s mom never dies again. Since then, his own mother fed him a mysterious substance called “stuff” that in Tel Aviv has become a well-known delicacy. We had the opportunity to prepare during the development of the summer issue of USTA a delicious vegan breakfast for one of our favorite writers, Etgar Keret. He entertained us with his unmistakable distance to the world and his sense of humor.

Tri-City GUIDE

Instead of going with the crowd of tourists and holidaymakers to chain cafés or restaurants serving fish straight from the freezer, turn your steps to places known only to the insiders. We visited the Tri-City before the season to ask the artist Anna Królikiewicz and other friendly insiders, where you should go – not only for culinary purposes. You can find the whole list in the paper version of our magazine, here only a few places to awake your appetite.

The wedding that never happened

Wyspianski writing “Wesele” in describing the wedding didn’t mention even once the wedding table. After all, rural weddings are to this day a great theatrum culinae. Anna Królikiewicz, artist-painter, and an expert in the field of theatre and a food critic Maciej Nowak are going to reconstruct this gastronomic universe during the Prague’s Quadrienalle.

JE SUS: a culinary revelation

On the Taczaka Street in Poznan, there is a new vegan restaurant. Flag flapping in the wind and herb and vegetable garden invite passers-by to climb a few steps and visit the JE SUS.


Half of the holidays is behind us, market stalls are full of fruit and vegetable. It’s not easy to decide which ingredient to choose as the theme of the August recipes by Mickey Rotten. Finally he decided to choose the tomato and this month the tomato will be the leitmotif of our Monday vegan cycle. For a good start, refreshing gazpacho with Mexican accent. It will surprise you with smoky notes of grilled vegetables, sweet coconut cream with a delicate taste of jalapeno peppers and pieces of juicy pineapple and healthy avocado. Enjoy your meal of the week!


Today we end the July series of broad beans in the lead role. There remains for us nothing else, just to show that you can also make a delicious dessert with this ingredient. The delicate flavor of broad beans is a contrasts to the bitterness of an orange and a hint of hazelnut.


The combination of beer and coffee is a fashionable trend of modern brewing. Wroclaw’s Browar Stu Mostów just released ART Coffee Milk Dark Lager. Light, refreshing, great beer for the summer, created with an addition of Peruvian Arabica provided by baristas from Czarny Deszcz.


Apparently no one wants to eat currants in Poland, farmers complain about dramatically poor sales of this fruit. Perhaps soon it won’t be even worth to cultivate them. We know they are sour and it’s not easy to peel them from the twigs, but they taste great served with dessert, like our today’s madeleines. Magdalena knows how to serve them so they turn into a real feast!


She has a hell of a patience to detail and remarkable skills, because, even though she graduated painting, she feels better in projects where she has to glue hundreds of paper forms (you must see a series of photographs realized together with Szymon Rogiński for Anna Kuczyńska, which The Sunday Times called a new direction in the photography) or prepare illustrations by marquetry or ebru.

Lasagna with strawberries and wild lilac

Elderberry is blooming right now. We encounter its aromatic flowers everywhere. How to use them in the kitchen? They are a perfect match for strawberries, which in June is the ingredient of Mickey Rotten’s vegan recipes. He offers us today a very hearty lasagna with wine and rosemary strawberry r Ragù and béchamel sauce with an addition of elderberry blossoms. Delicious!