Fell lightly, when the heat attacks

We offer today a dinner set that don’t requires spending more than half an hour in the kitchen. Dense, refreshing fruit soup served cold (almost like ice-cream) and a light, vegetarian cutlets to nibble served cold with a  thick slice of the wholemeal bread and with a pickled cucumber.

“O jabłkach” Whiteplate our first culinary book!

On 27 June our first published book had a premiere. “O jabłkach” written by Eliza Mórawska is a unique position on the Polish publishing market.

Kitchen Politics in the New Theatre

Since you are what you eat, come and see what to eat in order to become a better person. “Kitchen Politics” in the New Theatre is a cycle of events that combine the art, performance and a debate exploring issues connected with the gastronomy and the politics with the help of artistic and drama strategies.


Today in frames of healthy Monday we offer a haughty vegan peanut butter. It is a real titbit which has considerable nutritious properties, it contains proteins and omega-3 acids among other things.

Noughts and crosses

At once one can notice, that these kitchen boards are designed by architects. A square, a triangle, a wheel and a cross constitute the entire series that is available in the wooden version (of the beech wood) and stone one (of marble), of granite or of travertine.

Pakora from cauliflower

You don’t have any idea for the spring dinner or supper? Pakora arrives with the rescue, it is a dish with an Indian provenance, in which a crunching young cauliflower gains an exceptional tasty character.

A gift from Queen Bona

Asparagus is named by some as a king of vegetables or a royal vegetable, also by some it is regarded as an aphrodisiac, it has a lot of taste values and health advantages. A season for asparagus just began.

27 Slow Food Portions

A family restaurant opened a few months ago on the Cracow ‘Ruczaj’ housing estate is one among few eating places in Cracow which in one hundred per cent become part of a localness trend, but without any blow. Probably that’s why the place quickly got the recognition among the natives of Cracow, craving for decent cuisine based on selected products and the simplicity.

Beets, strawberries, on your knees!

Listen, this lettuce is simply the world championships. We love beets and we love strawberries, but we didn’t realize, that their mutual combination can taste so well. That’s the end of the strawberries season, make a full use out of it, by testing this sensational new combination.

Summer 1996 according to Mikromusic band

At the end of June the new Dilmah music project will start up. Various artists who have common life philosophy were invited to join. Similarly to the case of previous actions of the tea brand, a ‘rhythm of the nature’ idea will be undertaken. The creators of the project are planning to create four musical compositions , music videos and photo sessions corresponding to the four seasons. The cycle will start with the premiere of the song “Summer 1996” authorships of the Mikromusic team.

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls with Chocolate

A recipe for Swedish rolls wrapped with the cinnamon and the chocolate – a recipe for Kanelbullar given by Marta Greber in the first issue of Usta magazine. Since then we regularly come back to it by improving and diversifying it, so we can admire it anew.


The festival of Jewish Culture will be held in Cracow already for a twenty fourth time. A kibbutz will be a leitmotif of this year’s edition. In the milk bar named Bar Mleczny Południowy on the Cracow foothills we can see an exhibition – Cheder ohel – inspiredby Ofera Vardi book about kibuttz canteens, with Assi Haim’s photographs.

Hotels for bees

Bees don’t have an easy life in the city. There is here not much of hives and apiaries, and they are being associated with the threat. Pollutants and exhaust fumes also don’t help them function. But without them there is no life. Bees are essential for functioning of parks and urban greenery. Therefore Greenpeace created a program “adopt the bee” and a campaign “let us do everything for bees”, its authors decided to build in Warsaw hotels for bees.

Royal Stoneware

Up to the end of September it is possible to watch the Wilanowska collection of ceramics – unusually valuable and rare objects made out of red and black stoneware clay. The museum of the King John III Palace in Wilanów invites for an exhibition named “Wokół herbaty, kawy i czekolady”.

White side of Silesia

It’s best to leave from Katowice when the darkness is still. Before the dawn turn from the main road to Cracow, to pass the foundry which is impossible to overlook, and farther to expect. When the landscape starts waving and the first white rocks appear, it is a sign, that the adventure begins.

USTA for the second time

We already printed the second edition of USTA magazine. What may you find there? Tadeusz Rolke tells us, where it is possible to eat the best oysters and why didn’t he race with Eustachy Kossakowski, we also ask professor Marek Konarzewski about the wheat and the dislike towards it which becomes highly fashionable…


Is it already a summer? Almost.. we can recognize it by the content of our plates – fabulously colorful and at the same time very light. Strawberries, flowers, shoots! Almost nothing, and yet how many gustatory experiences.

A hat from Gault & Millau

After Australia, Hong Kong and Hungary, Poland is the tenth country in which the Gault & Millau guide will be published.

EAT Poznań

In the previous publication we made a review of the most interesting culinary locations of Berlin. When we wondered which Polish city comes up to the German capital when it comes to the pace of gastronomy’s development, we didn’t have any doubts. Poznań.

Homemade cold borsch

In Polish shops selling vegetables and fruits there is an invasion of spring vegetables. We welcome young beet greens, cucumbers, radishes. We already have all the necessary ingredients in order to make a delicious homemade cold borsch. Attention! Our recipe requires preparing a beet acid with at least a several days’ advance. Ready, steady, go!