Vegan summer

Marysia Przybyszewska, our regular contributor, worshipper of plant-based cuisine, famous for her excellent breakfasts and tales from her internship at Noma has just taken over Youmiko, Warsaw’s vegan sushi restaurant. USTA magazine interviewed her about the novelties she plans to introduce in Youmiko’s menu.


Go on a few-kilometre mountain hike, jump over a stream, stop for a while to take a breath and watch a white-tailed eagle flying in circles above your head. Just for a moment, because at the end of the trip set tables are waiting.

A formula for flavour

In early April we held a premiere of a new cookbook, prepared and published by the Usta Magazine team. This time our book concetrates on the flavours: why sweet goes well with sour and why sour is a perfect match for salty. We explain the meaning of umami and the role of structure and colours. We suggest what goes well with eggplant, strawberries and fish. “Wzór na smak” (Eng. A Formula for Flavour”)  was written by Grzegorz Łapanowski, the photos were taken by Krzysztof Kozanowski and the beautiful layout was designed by Joanna Skiba.

Vive Nanan!

In Wrocław’s Kotlarska street you can eat traditional éclairs made of choux pastry and crème pâtissière. What makes them special, though, are the various flavours of the icing, caramelised toppings and intricate decorations. – Éclair is a pastry everyone knows well, but we try to give it a slightly more modern look, while respecting the classic form. We constantly invent new flavour variations to whet the appetites of the visiting gourmands, the owner Justyna Kawiak tells.

Seven Sisters

Inspired by the unprecedented Women’s March in Warsaw, the Seven Sisters exhibition presents works of six artists from different countries. Their installations, sculptures, photographs and performance evoke and deconstruct, with distance, sense of humour and a certain sense of poetry, the omnipresence of female body in public space and the mystified notion of interior and intimate space.

The festival of kids

We have pleasure to invite to another of the series of festivals jointly organised by USTA Magazine and Mysia 3 shopping centre. This time the event is dedicated to the youngest. We will present a selection of unique brands of toys, clothes, cosmetics, books and furniture for children.

Blooming Warsaw

For the third time we are organising the most beautiful spring festival of the USTA Magazine – the long awaited Festival of Flowers! On April 1 (and no, it’s not an April Fool’s prank) Mysia 3 Shopping Centre will turn into a blooming garden full of incredible flowers and hidden treasures.


Food is usually associated with positive things: friends and family, travels, discovering new flavours. But what if the food is not available? Or when we start denying ourselves food for various reasons? You will find these questions discussed in a new quarterly “Non/fiction”. It is yet in the making and it will need your support to be released.


Springy, Japanese home-made noodles bathing in aromatic, vegan broth, which sits overnight with cold brew coffee, crispy, light tempura served on ceramics from Lanckorona made by Piotr Piaskowski and a special sake from a collection created by Joseph di Blasi from Naturaliści (The Naturalists) are all waiting for you in a newly opened Ka Udon Bar in Krakow.

Plates with memory

Food is served on their plates in many restaurants in Copenhagen, including the very famous ones, such as  Relae or 108. Coffee is served in their mugs at Koppi, The Barn and The Coffee Collective. We pay a visit to Mk-Studio, a beautiful workshop of Magdalena Kałużna in Copenhagen.

Democratic Design

The Italian designer duo Formafantasma is based in Amsterdam. Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin met during their studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Over eight years of working together they have developed a unique style, based on unusual, often organic materials matched with raw, brutalist elements.

Urban Jungle

Welcome to a colourful oasis in Bucharest. Kāne World Food Studio is  a place where you can get traditional Romanian ribs with grilled polenta as well as a whole menu of exotic dishes from all around the world.

Luxurious Fondants

They were born out of love for the atmosphere of the 1930s and 1940s, films in an old cinema and vintage fashion. But they are also a result of the search for authentic food without additives, with simple list of ingredients.  Please welcome Pomadki Luksusowe (Eng. Luxurious Fondants), they are truly addictive!

Lovercraft w Nowym

„Zew Cthulhu” to przedstawienie inspirowane najoryginalniejszymi opowiadaniami
H.P. Lovecrafta – premiera 24 marca w Nowym Teatrze. USTA patronują!

Dancing anchor

There is a new restaurant in Gdańsk! Dancing Anchor is a spacious place, beautifully designed by London’s DeSallesFlint studio, which has just opened in Granary Island.

Rhubarb Orangeade

For hot days and warm nights, for summer picnics and parties – the orangeade. With sweet orange and sour rhubarb, aromatic mint and verbena and, obviously, the sparkles, which you can have either from water or water mixed with prosecco or cava.  Recommended by Magadalena Święciaszek.

Polish wines in Poznań

Culinary Academy invite for the fourth time on 24 June 2017 for a full Day series of events devoted to Polish wines, ciders, and regional products from Wielkopolska. You will be able to get to know them better, taste and – most importantly – buy.

Night Market now every Thursday!

Every weekend in the Spring/Summer season the platforms of the ancient Warsaw Main Railway Station transform into a food market open until late night hours. We have good news for all the after dark street food lovers: the Night Market will be open also on Thursday starting from June 1.


USTA Magazine team has recently gone to Berlin to check what’s new on the culinary map of the city. And indeed a lot has been going on. This year’s Michelin guide has brought new stars to the city gastronomy landscape. The culinary concepts concentrating on the local produce and reflecting the local identity are on the rise. No wonder that it is in Berlin that the one-day symposium Terroir Berlin Forum takes place. It starts in just few days on May 15.

Eat, Love, Sing and digest

On the occasion of the premiere of the opera “The Turk in Italy”, USTA Magazine team has been invited by the National Opera to take photos of the dishes inspired by the works of Rossini. The recipes were re-interpreted by Marzena Gromelska, the chef of the Chianti restaurant. And it is in Chianti, in the coming days, that you will be able to have chanterelles a la Rossini, mortadella foam or an apple tart Guglielmo Tell.