Almond curry with pumpkin and mango salsa`

For all those who cannot afford a winter escape into the sun, Mickey Rotten prepared a culinary mini vacation. Let the sunshine stream into your mouth straight from the plate.

The ocean and the plants

We are absolutely in love with Sarah K. Benning embroideries. This American artist has recently moved from New York to the Spanish Island of Menorca, and it was there, as she says, that her own collection of potted plants, the waves and colours of the ocean inspired her intricate works.

The Polish Table – Agreement across all divides

The creative process described below took one year. It started with a casual conversation, it was filled with hard work and searching for common language, a language spoken at the table. The people sitting at this table are owners and designers from Kristoff Porcelain, Manufacture in Bolesławiec, Julia Glassware and Katarzyna Świętek – mastermind and coordinator of the project ‘The Polish Table’. The effects of their joint work are on display from January 23 at the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.

We wish!

To have less, to cut down, to separate the important, the beautiful, the permanent and the needful from what clutters our lives – our columnist have come to the same conclusions in our Christmas issue. The end of the year is a good moment for clearouts. We wish you magical Christmas, smelling like forest and full of delicacies and New Year with friends, reflection and good choices made.


This is autumn-winter USTA issue. The cover already emanates the smell of forest and spruce and inside, apart from Christmas relax and delicacies, you will find a guide to Silesia, a section on kitchen tools and interviews with Marek Raczkowski and waiters who put their hearts into their work.

Brewing and filtering

This Saturday, October 17th smell of brewed tea leaves and roasted coffee beans will wake up sleepy Warsaw. Summer lemonades and ciders will be followed by first autumn days and the two queens: coffee and tea.


Drooping leaves from trees can change the course of history, as it happened nearly 5,000 years ago in the mountainous south of China, when a few leaves of tea fell into Emperor’s Shen Nong bowl with water. This is – according to a legend – how one of the most important beverages in our civilization was created. We devote attention to the tea in the fall issue of USTA.


The project was developed in cooperation with Olga Milczyńska, a tutor at the School of Form, her students: Irina Grishina, Tosia Kilis, Magda Mojsiejuk; and The Potter Center in Medynia Głogowska.

(Polski) Wciąż głodni

‘Still Hungry’ is a culinary travel agency that has just opened in Wrocław. This independent initiative, set up by three friends living in Wrocław, breaks the scheme of typical touristic escapades. Apart from visits to restaurants, cafes and pubs, they show the visitors the gastronomy from the cultural perspective.

Pearl barley, cauliflower, pomegranate and crispy fried shallot topping salad

Finally, it is cold so Mickey Rotten takes us on a quick journey to the Middle East. We hope that the exotic flavours from that region will warm you up. The universal pearl barley absorbs olive oil sauce enhanced by cinnamon and the fried cauliflower stays in subtle contrast with the freshness of pomegranate fruit.

Offer Usta as a gift

Now you can order all the past, available issues of Usta magazine in one Christmas package in a special gift wrap (smaller version with 4 selected issues is also available). Hurry up so that they reach you on time, order now. There is a special stamp on the package where you can put the name of the gift recipient.

Future in hemp

You can make almost anything of it: cosmetics, diesel oil, ropes, walls and even flour! This versatile plant can become one of Earth’s major renewable resources and that is why it is good to get to know it better and start using it, also in the kitchen. The culinary uses of hemp are described in newly released, beautifully designed book „Konopie w kuchni” („Hemp in the Kitchen”) that Usta magazine is media patron of.

Coconut ice cream with salty caramel and peanuts

I feel so bad, it’s so gray. Each day is long like a spaghetti noodle. There was wind, drizzle, and fog. You got wet, I got wet, jackdaws got wet in the trees. – sings Wojciech Gąssowski and we hum with him. This week Mickey Rotten despite the weather proposes the last recipe in the nut mini-series. Peanut ice cream with caramel served with nasturtium flowers. Comfort food in its purest form – bon appetit!

Filo pastry cupcakes filled with nut ricotta and mushrooms in port wine

The weather is perfect for mushrooms and markets are full of gifts of the forest. Therefore, Mickey Rotten’s next recipe combines the ingredient of the month – nuts with mushrooms in a truly fall recipe. Crispy filo pastry filled with basil ricotta with Brazil nuts, which are accompanied by porcini mushrooms in port wine.

The Girls, the Root and the Star

Once upon a time there were two girls – Elise and Anna. They met, they fell in love, they moved in together and they engaged. They were so wrapped up in their jobs that they did not see each other often, therefore they decided to set up a business together. This is how their restaurant was born and one year later a Michelin star appeared.

Winter Awakening

Let the carnival begin! We bring you several recipes for amazing authorial drinks made by Warsaw ‘Między Ustami’ drink bar. We are starting with romantic and super-tasty ‘Never Hide’. This is a surprising and refreshing interpretation of classic, well-known drink Cosmopolitan. Excellent to try on the winter evenings. We drink and then we go dance Lindy Hop. Have fun!

Wild Tables

Go on a several kilometre mountain hike, jump over a stream, stop for a while to take a breath and observe a white-tailed eagle flying in circles above your head. Just for a moment, because at the end of the trip set tables, bonfire and musicians are awaiting.

Acephala Concept Store

Is a hybrid of Acephala flagship store, concept boutique carrying meticuosly curated selection of high-end brands and contemporary art gallery.

Baszta – for the love of veggies

Baszta is one of vegetarian restaurants in the centre of Wrocław. In the centre, yet hidden in the courtyard of Market Hall. This quiet place with great ambience was opened one year ago by Jarka Kawałko.

Polish Table

Three manufacturers from Lower Silesia joined forces for the first time. Porcelana Kristoff from Walbrzych, Manufaktura in Bolesławiec and Huta Julia Piechowice will codesign Polski Stół. Behind the idea of the Polish Table is a belief that it is worth to bring back the traditional craftsmanship and combine the diversity and specificity of each material with a unique design.