Let’s live longer!

What should we eat to improve our quality of life? Is there really such a thing as a longevity diet? Join us at the picnic and healthy food market, featuring meetings with diet and eating culture experts. Magazyn Usta invites you to join breakfast by the river.

Bruschetta with florets and burrata

The floret season is in full bloom and we don’t mean the fragrant roses but yet even prettier plants:  cauliflower and broccoli. Magdalena Święciaszek went into the field, cut them down and prepared her indulgent meal of the week. We suggest spending more time over them (ideally, invite kids or friends to join you in preparations), separate the florets from the white and green ‘trees’, then stew them in lightly burned butter with nutty aroma. When you try them together with creamy burrata and garlic you will understand that the process was worth it… Please summer, come back! We have excellent appetizer for you!

Summer gide to Berlin

We invite you to take a trip to Berlin with us today and discover five places worth visiting this summer! A lot has changed in the German capital since we made our guide to Berlin two and a half years ago in the first issue of USTA Magazine. Now, together with Edward Kanarecki, we pay a visit to a cafe located in an ancient pharmacy and to a concept store in a not-so-elegant district.

What is the taste of Poland?

The Eat Poland Project was established to promote the Polish cuisine, produce and culinary tradition. Within this project, we present the modern face of the Polish gastronomy, ambitious chefs and places that offer highest quality food. This September we will pay a visit to Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, we will invite 100 journalists and bloggers to taste and discover the flavour of the contemporary Poland.

Urban farm in the shipyard

An urban garden has been created at the Gdańsk Shipyard (Stocznia Gdańska) as part of the ‘Commis Made’ Project. It started in winter and now the project is about to come to completion. There will be lectures and exhibitions and a group of chefs coming on that occasion to Gdańsk. They will have a chance to learn more about mycology, cheese-making and endemic species of plants. And tonight, thanks to the emblements of the shipyard’s garden and the food trucks’ kitchens, they will cook their own dishes. You have to be in the Gdańsk Shipyard tonight!

Croque-demoiselle In the sixteenth arrondissement

The holidays are just about to start, so maybe any of you are going to Paris? If so, we present you the Holiday Cafe, a definition of le chic parisien of the gastronomy. Far from the football emotions, as it is located in a quiet but fashionable district – the 16th arrondissement. This stylish place was described for the USTA Magazine by Edward Kanarecki.

Opera and skateboard

Krakow’s Zenit is a real cabinet of curiosities. The walls are  a mosaic of graphics, photos, paintings, objects, souvenirs and other treasures collected by the owners. The beautifully designed interior matches the excellent breakfast and the lunch menu offers. There are vegetarian breakfasts or sausages with ash, pour-over coffee or latte, ceviche and tomato soup. There are indeed tons of possibilities at Zenit, which became a site of modernity, not so easy to find in Krakow.

Another Morning: Guinea

The breakfast in Equatorial Guinea is very sweet. It is common knowledge that bananas and sugar give you lots of energy. What is more, sweet food cools  the body which is especially  important in this part of Africa. Simply pleasant and useful! For us this sweet and high caloric start of the day can be a memory of the summer, soon coming to an end.

Brazilian Breakfast

Café da manhã – morning coffee is how the Brazilians call their breakfast and as we can easily guess, coffee is the primary element of the first meal of the day in Brazil. It goes with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh bread Pao Frances or Pão de queijo (cheese rolls), bananas, papaya, favourite jam, a slice of a delicious cheese and coconut cuscus – Cuscuz de Milho.

Turkish breakfast

Somewhere in the world it is morning now, and somewhere in the world someone is having a breakfast. Breakfast is fundamental! I am not be a big traveller but when I go away, I bring back a new flavour and I sneak it into my daily cooking.

Books & flowers

This Friday starts the 4th edition of the Culinary Book Fair in Warsaw. USTA Magazine will be there too! At our stand you will find all our books, magazine previous issues and posters, as well as some special treats prepared together with MOD Restaurant. Come and join us!

Matcha from fukuoka prefecture

Not only do they run an avant-garde magazine and bags and backpacks manufacture, now they also sell Japanese tea. They also serve cocktails with that tea and make pralines and they do that in a space they personally arranged in Odolańska street Warsaw. Usta paid a visit to Sasha and Zuza from Thisispaper Shop & Tea Room.

White sausage with sage and corn puree

We are no big fans of barbecue. However, today Magdalena Święciaszek​, as part of her cooking cycle rozpUSTA (pl. crapulence), tries to prove us wrong. Her recipe has the delicate sweetness of the corn, while the crunchy sage leaves turn the plain white sausage into a truly refined dish. We must admit: it is a delicious combination. Have a nice Saturday!

Poland at the Gourmet Festival

Few days ago USTA Magazine participated in the Gourmet Festival in Budapest. We had a pleasure to taste dozens of dishes and wines served by the top Hungarian restaurants and wineries. We also  supported Mateusz Wichrowski from the Brasserie Warszawska restaurant, who promoted the Polish cuisine at this year’s edition of the festival.

Appetite for udon

Udon, onigiri, tempura, panna cotta with matcha – the atmosphere of the genuine and tasteful Japan has settled in the district of Ochota in Warsaw. And it is thanks to a Japanese, Satoru Yaegashi, who moved to Poland three years ago and opened his own restaurant: Sato Gotuje (Sato Cooks).

Meteors in Rabka

We are a partner of exhibition and performance by group of artists led by Paulina Ołowska witch will have a place in Kadenówka historic house in Rabka Zdrój, south of Poland, where once lived Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, famous polish writer.

Exotic breakfast

This Sunday we invite you to join us for another brunch at the Mercedes Station, Warsaw. This time our host chef will be Maria Przybyszewska,  serving her unique breakfast menu composed of exotic Thai and Arab dishes. 

Usta – the vegan issue

Here it is – the newest, summer issue of the USTA Magazine dedicated to plants. We present the edible and toxic ones, growing in paintings and in the wild. We describe them from the cultural, scientific, historical and practical angle. The most renowned Polish vegan chefs introduce their dishes, theatre director Grzegorz Jarzyna talks about how he plants trees at night in Warsaw, and the planter family Majlert show us their roots. We also prepared a guide to the best vegan restaurants in the world.

Brunch with Usta Magazine

This Sunday at 10.00 AM we invite you to join us for a Summer Brunch at the Mercedes Station in Warsaw. The vegan feast will be prepared by Michał Gniłka. On that occasion we will also celebrate the premiere of the new vegan issue of the USTA Magazine. See you there!

Stay minimal, stay natural

Scandinavia. The design, fashion, cuisine and perfumery of today all look up to the North of Europe. It connotes bright, light, well-designed products, based on the rich heritage of design, culture and gastronomy – this is the way we arrange our interiors, this what we want to eat and how we want to dress.