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Oyster bon ton

Połykać w całości, pozwalając aksamitnej, słonawej zawartości prześlizgnąć się przez usta i spłynąć po języku do gardła, czy też skorzystać z widelczyka i wgryźć się w otoczony delikatnym płaszczem rzęsek żywy byt, uwalniając smak i aromat porannego odpływu o nutach jodu i morskich wodorostów? (more…)

Placki z kaszy gryczanej z surówką z kiszonej kapusty, kurkumy, jabłek i rodzynek

In winter we come back to groats. It may be consumed in other than a traditional way.  They can be served as sweet or salty pies. In the second version a sauerkraut salad can be a good addition. (more…)

Irini’s triple life

How many incarnations can one person have? How many adventures to experience? Irini Karayannopoulou, Greek painter, argues that the more the better. She makes up biographies of herself, how a pirate appropriates adventures and works other artists, rebelling against the commercial use of the female body and image. And it is there one of the most enthusiastic, joyful people we know. We invite you to a meeting with the Greek geyser of fantasy and optimism. We interviewed us in March 2021, but now the Greek artist is opening two exhibitions in Warsaw during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. (more…)


There is no one ideal femininity. There is no such thing as singular identity. There are no clothes for just one occasion. And no clothes fit everybody in the same way. FW2021/22 collection by Acephala is an ode to individual style and idiosyncratic expression. Living in the world of overproduction and constant temporality, we challenged ourselves to create clothes that could fit in many different closets and stay in those closets for longer than just one season. The collection is a set of garments that are minimalistic and essential yet with a twist that makes them unique - be it either construction, pattern, fabric or detailing. (more…)


At the end of the asparagus month Mickey Rotten proposes a quick trip to the Land of Cherry Blossom. Delicate Japanese style dashi broth is a great contrast to a crispy tofu and blanched asparagus in salty-sweet sesame sauce Goma. Today we would like to be on the other side of the world... (more…)

Bauhaus apartment

As you ascend the maroon, unique terrazzo staircase, you have the impression that you are stepping back to the turn of the 20/30s, a period full of energy when the Bauhaus spirit was taking over Europe and Warsaw was called the Paris of the North. The "Bauhaus" apartments are located in the Functional House at the intersection of Jakubowska and Estońska streets. The building is a great example of functionalism. The furnishings of the apartment is the result of several years of searching for an appropriate form of interior design for the House. The owners were inspired by the vision of what apartments could have looked like at that time. Original, auction-searched, meticulously restored furniture, designed and made in the spirit of Bauhaus ideas, give the place a unique character. (more…)


Sex? Art? Or Sleep? The legend of Wrocław’s cool generation reveals her recipe for eternal youth. (more…)


Since the first issue of USTA Magazine, we published 21 guides to various cities, in Poland and abroad. We started with a guide to Berlin in the first issue, followed by a guide To Poznan in number two. Still, we have never prepared a guide to Warsaw and we feel we owe the city we know best a proper vademecum. The problem was whom should we include in our selection from among the places we have known inside out and which we have been with from their openings and throughout their complex histories. Warsaw is certainly a pioneer of gastronomy in Poland. How to choose from hundreds or thousands of bistros, bars, restaurants, cafes and top art spots? It took our team several weeks of vivid discussions to come up with the final list of candidates. (more…)

(Polski) Dzika natura w czystej postaci

NATURA W CZYSTEJ POSTACI Piękne z natury i dzikie z wyboru naturalnie niezwykłe kosmetyki do twarzy YOPE oddają skórze to, co mają w sobie najlepszego. Ich siła płynie z wyjątkowej mocy roślin. Unikalne składniki z najdalszych zakątków świata przywracają równowagę skóry, wygładzają ją, a także chronią przed stresem i zanieczyszczeniami. Nowa seria YOPE to naturalny w swej prostocie codzienny rytuał piękna dla każdej kobiety. Tworzą go: aksamitny żel do mycia twarzy, oczyszczająco-pielęgnujący płyn micelarny, mikrozłuszczający tonik z kwasami, mgiełka − hydrolat, aktywne kremy na dzień, na noc i pod oczy oraz dwa sera − nawilżające z algami i rozświetlające z witaminą C.

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls with Chocolate

A recipe for Swedish rolls wrapped with the cinnamon and the chocolate - a recipe for Kanelbullar given by Marta Greber in the first issue of Usta magazine. Since then we regularly come back to it by improving and diversifying it, so we can admire it anew. (more…)

Klopsiki mamusi

The flavour of leniwe (Polish Lazy Dumplings) with salt is in Rutu Modan’s genes. But she had to come to Poland to discover that. An Israeli illustrator tells us why, after all, she decided to get to know the motherland of her ancestors. (more…)

Tear- Aurum Bloom jewellery

Made to be in harmony with nature Aurum Bloom jewellery is manufactured in Poland with exceptional high quality. Each piece is made from recycled 18k gold. In a mesmerizing play with light and shadow, the irresistible forms are revealed through a captivating design. In our “Tear” collection we focus on how gold reflects light in each tear and how it feels in your hands. The inspiration for the “Sunday” cross shape was the wax dripping down the candle in the Church. Each piece reflects light perfectly. Starting with a simple idea, Aurum Bloom was reimagined through experimenting and an understanding of how our jewellery should look and feel like. (more…)

From Palette to Palate 

Tokyo streets are full of endless culinary and drinking establishments, having a strong enough voice and uniqueness to stick out is always a challenge. Located in between Hiroo and Ebisu stations - Gem by Moto has succeeded to do this over the past few years. A Sake bar with the utmost respect to Sake on the one hand but with a huge freedom Marie Chiba who opened the place in 2015 took for herself for redefinition and expression in any element and aspect relating to Sake and the way we enjoy it. Collaborating with the most interesting younger generation of Sake brewers in Japan.  (more…)