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Open doors

Valli Unite - we were delighted by their wines: natural, avant-garde, orange. That's why we decided to visit this extraordinary cooperative, which has been operating in Piedmont for 40 years. (more…)

Pakora from cauliflower

You don't have any idea for the spring dinner or supper? Pakora arrives with the rescue, it is a dish with an Indian provenance, in which a crunching young cauliflower gains an exceptional tasty character. (more…)


Since the first issue of USTA Magazine, we published 21 guides to various cities, in Poland and abroad. We started with a guide to Berlin in the first issue, followed by a guide To Poznan in number two. Still, we have never prepared a guide to Warsaw and we feel we owe the city we know best a proper vademecum. The problem was whom should we include in our selection from among the places we have known inside out and which we have been with from their openings and throughout their complex histories. Warsaw is certainly a pioneer of gastronomy in Poland. How to choose from hundreds or thousands of bistros, bars, restaurants, cafes and top art spots? It took our team several weeks of vivid discussions to come up with the final list of candidates. (more…)

Christmas on Mysia 3

As every year in December, we invite you to the Feast of the Body and the Christmas Table. December a time when we want to give our (and other loved ones') bodies some attention. Equipped with a sensitive sense of smell, thirsty for touch and seeking solace in good design, we will be able to choose from sensual fragrances, good cosmetics, delicate fabrics and friendly clothes, as well as tickle our palate with delicacies, challenge our muscles and warm ourselves up with delicious drinks. (more…)

On stinky cheese, dinosaurs and what an orgasm has to do with fish sauce

David Zilber, head of the fermentation laboratory at Copenhagen's Noma, tells USTOM about fermentation, its importance for our civilisation, its early beginnings and current developments. (more…)

A Quest for the Best Pizza

The best pizza in the world! Where on earth!? We travelled in search for it to Naples. We've found it 40 km from the city centre in a tiny village Caiazzo. Each day, crowds are lining in front of Pepe in Grani, dreaming of a slice of margherita or pepperoni. We were lucky enough not only to taste it but also to talk to Pepe Franco, the founder of this place. (more…)

Valentines in Edens sunshine

Join us for a 3-course Italian feast! Love letters, poetry and a wonderful menu prepared by Marta Orlikowska. Send a message to your valentine and take her to Eden. - Bitter citrus from Sicily, Sardinian ravioli filled with potato and saffron. This little bit of sunshine on the plate is a love letter to the long-awaited summer, to the wry face from the bitter grapefruit in the sun. With these dishes, it is certain to fall in love all over again –  says Marta. (more…)

Poster Fair – autumn edition

We invite you to unique event, being a meeting of the best graphic designers, illustrators and poster galleries, thanks to which this field is experiencing a real boom in Poland. Get ready for an aesthetic madness and a lot of shopping.  On Saturday September 16th, in the heart of Warsaw, in the historic spaces of the Jabłkowscy Brothers Department Store, we will gather the most talented poster artists, collectors of Polish Poster School, authors of the most beautiful illustrations and graphics - this will be a great opportunity to stock up on original Christmas gifts for loved ones or unusual decorations to hang in your home or office! (more…)

Full Moon at Mysia 3

We would like to invite you to a new formula of our fair at Mysia 3. This time it will be magical, holistic and astrological. As usual, there will be a fair, we will present young Polish brands, often just debuting on the market, but also meetings, talks and workshops. Fullness - is meant to be a search. An invitation to do so. We do not have ready answers. We want to show different options from many areas. Wellbeing, spirituality, a holistic approach to health, self-improvement. People, techniques, places, ideas. Astrology, tarot, Chinese medicine. Magic! (more…)

Poster Fair Spring 24

We invite you to our unique event, being a meeting of the best graphic designers, illustrators and poster galleries, thanks to which this field is experiencing a real boom in Poland. Get ready for an aesthetic madness and a lot of shopping . (more…)


Sex? Art? Or Sleep? The legend of Wrocław’s cool generation reveals her recipe for eternal youth. (more…)

Beaujolais – wine for the impatient?

Every third Thursday in November, bottles of a young wine called beaujolais nouveau are opened all over the world. Most notably in Japan, a rosé version of this wine has even been created especially for the market there. A young wine, only just bottled, but brilliantly promoted. What is behind the phenomenon of this wine festival? Aneta Zabiegała set off on a Beaujolais Nouveau trail to the south of France, and persistently wandered between Mâcon and Lyon to see if, in addition to young, easily drinkable and unmemorable wines, it was possible to find interesting, avant-garde and outstanding Beaujolais there. And that's how she ended up with some of the most interesting wine producers in the area. Follow in its footsteps to the sunny south of France, visit the vineyards and drink the outstanding bottles created from the gamay variety (and more). (more…)

Buckwheat pancakes

In winter we come back to groats. It may be consumed in other than a traditional way.  They can be served as sweet or salty pies. In the second version a sauerkraut salad can be a good addition. (more…)