Chodźmy do lasu

Sculpting structures of the project Lawrencium Studio are suspended somewhere between seeking for beautiful form in space, and between the functional function. They will grow in the space of the shop only for a week. They will be another possible voice in terms of the possibility of dialog between art and commercial spaces i.e. something what in Paris or London is a standard and in Poland – a sprouting good practice. Anna and Marek Lorens designed for Red Onion an unusual exhibition structures. These are not only sculptures, it is also an authorial record of one of the materials, that is, wood. In the Lorens Studio version the wood differs significantly in character from the wooden chairs, tables and kitchen accessories that we already know. Wooden structures, which are presented in Red Onion, are ultralight and light transparent. They resemble more of a space jewellery, rather than a hard structure. Yet they are functional. Why inviting architects to the fine design showroom? Does the microcosm, which is full of designed artifacts need another project? Yes, we believe so. We observe, how a format of the avant-garde search of the art is slowly running out, and the fine art gets exposed  – the art of functional character , designed for specific spaces, which searches for right materials and enters a dialog with them. Therefore we decided to carry “wood to forest”  to see how on the joint of architecture and already earlier designed objects is sparking and vibrating.
Soon there will be available a second opening of the project – paper.
Lorens Studio
Universal architects, designing buildings, insides and furniture. For a few years they successfully present themselves among others on Saloni del Mobile in Milan. They perceive insides as an architecture – spatially, avoiding superficial style. They put emphasis on the structure, precious material. Anna Lorens is a Doctor of architecture, winner 1. awards of Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation, an academic teacher in School of of Forms (design/ domestic design). Marek Lorens is a graduate of the PWiTU department of architecture in Karlsruhe and with the conqueror first prize in the competition for surrounding the Palace of the Culture.

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