Bezglutenowe pączki z mąki jaglanej

Recipe for donuts for 4 persons.
We blend 3 yolks with 2-3 tablespoons of the icing sugar, in the small pan we heat the milk a little bit (about 100 – 200 ml) to the temperature of about 35-40 degrees, in the milk we dissolve 10-20 grams of yeast. We pour the milk with yeast into grated yolks and we add the millet flour until we achieve the consistency of the very thick cream. If we can’t get the millet flour we can grind the millet groats in a coffee grinder. It isn’t necessary to knead the gluten-free cake – classical way of cake kneading is a process of activating gluten which gives a flexibility to the cake. The millet flour doesn’t contain gluten, therefore kneading it wouldn’t make any sense. We pay for this convenience with dissimilarity when it comes to the form of our donuts –  they won’t be ball – shaped and stuffed inside. Instead, they will be flat and stuffed on top. We cover the bowl with tea cloth and put it away in the warm space for 30-60 minutes so that the cake can grow. In the pot we heat up the fat, it will be a deep frying, so the greater amount of that will be needed – a goose’s lard will be definitely most preferable, a vegetable oils will be eventually accepted. We form in our hands rather small flat discs and we throw it on the hot lard. Donuts will gently  grow and will quickly turn brown from the bottom, we turn them over then after a moment we take them out to the kitchen roll, where we drain the donuts from fat. On the warm donut we make with small teaspoon a delicate hollow,  we add there a preserve. The gluten-free donut doesn’t contain the preserve in its inside, it has a form of a drop scone which makes it unusual, it is worthwhile to use the best preserve you can get. We can gently sprinkle donuts with sugar powder. We can also prepare mint powder – pound in the mortar a few leafs of the fresh mint with the sugar and to grind it in a coffee grinder.
The author of the recipe is Bartosz Polak, the head chef and the owner of Kuchnia Funkcjonalna restaurant.

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