There are days when I wake up in the morning and I wonder whether I will make it. Let me remind you that being a cook is a hard physical work that lasts more ten hours plus you are surrounded by people with a range of different characters. Also, tensions often happen, especially among us – the interns, who constantly try to prove of their numberless talents. I am not trying to do so, because I am aware of the fact that I still have a lot to catch up with. But I’m good in what I do, I’m humble and I try not to rain on anyone’s parade and not to force myself to prove anything. As I already once said, I prefer to reach my destination slowly step by step. Although, in spite of a few extreme cases we are a matched team and we are trying to support and motivate each other. I think I might make some friends for ages here. Sometimes, I also wake up and tend to have problems with believing that I am making my dreams come true. Every day in the morning I cross the Noma’s threshold, I put on the white jacket and brown apron and I approach the kitchen on the first floor, where the entire production part is located. I pick the leafs of thyme, I clean the caribou moss from needles, I sort ants out and I wait for the evening service, because our kitchen also supports the PDR room (private dining room) upstairs. Thanks to that I have a chance to participate in one of the most spectacular parts, that is, the plating. I arrange the ingredients on the plate according to the established code and I serve it to the guests. This week, I am also responsible for the foraging section, that is , I will be visiting the local farms and wild places looking for ingredients which will be exploited in the restaurant. I had a chance to be already twice on such an expedition, but now I will be there for whole week and this it is probably one of the most awaited moments! I won’t reveal the details yet. I will write about it next week. By the way, this week in Noma croissants were playing the first strings  since in Copenhagen it is hard to get a perfect crescent roll and Rene decided to have our own ones and so our confectioner –  Louisse  – created something so terribly excellent, that I have no words to describe it. Nothing can motivate you more to work than the spreading smell of the newly-baked butter croissant!

text: Maria Przybyszewska, photo: Magazyn USTA

The review sponsor from z Marii Przybyszewska Noma‘s stay is the HERMES, a producent of flavoured waters.  www.hermes-amita.com.pl


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