On the coffee map of Warsaw’s district Powiśle there is a new place – STOR. Semicircular corner of a building, at the characteristic street that runs from Nowy Swiat sharply down to the Vistula River, which for 25 years was a plumber office. The space with a provisional mezzanine was divided into partitions, and the windows were covered with vertical blinds. Only original sills, tiles behind the bar and the lamp converted to a light box – with a photo of a foamed sea wave – are left from the old interior, say the owners – Michał Janica and Krzysztof Rzyman. The sea wave theme appears also on the wall in the form of large-scale wallpaper. Michał, the author of the picture, is a photographer, illustrator and designer. Krzysztof is a radio journalist of economic programs in Channel One of the Polish Radio. They met through a mutual friend. Both talked about their plans to open a cafe. Formalities took so long that they had time to look for the perfect coffee roasters. The choice fell on the Berlin Bonanza, where they went and immediately became friends with the owners.
Being in the cafe, you notice a large number of flower pots. These are mainly ferns, aloes, rubber plants that were brought by friends for an informal housewarming party. Café interior reminds of those in Berlin or Stockholm, but Krzysztof and Michał just smile, when they hear about resemblance to fashionable cities. For them, this is an ordinary Warsaw’s café with a good coffee.
The café attracts people from all over Warsaw. A lot of our guests are from here. From Powiśle and Tamka. We recognize a lot of people. They want to talk about coffee and about life, say the owners. And when it comes to coffee you can enjoy here a cup of Bonanza’s Ethiopia Adado or Mexico Finca Kassandra. You can also get a coffee from Cracow’s Roasting Company Karma. STOR baristas prepare us a perfect drip, Chemex or aeropress, served in previously heated carafes. From a coffee machine flows an organic blend of Bonanza, which can be diluted with cow’s milk, soy, rice and almond milk, which are particularly recommended. Latte, flat white or cappuccino with always perfectly smooth foam are prepared in perfect proportions and temperature. For the youngest delicate babycino. Americano is an option for those who can’t decide on any of the above proposals. You will not find it in the menu above the bar but you can ask the barista to prepare it. In the STOR you will find all the necessary accessories to prepare coffee in decent prices: Hario mills, dripers, chemex coffee makers and filters. You can also buy grains from Bonanza and Karma in packs of 250g.
The menu is seasonal and is still developing but already now we can find a few interesting dishes. At the bar, under glass bells sandwiches are piling up. With pastrami, cheddar or grilled vegetables on a gluten-free bread. The next item is a gluten-free brownie with caramel and salt and next to it is usually the best in the city banana bread. Below, in a glass display you will find a mango cheesecake and an exquisite meringue cake. If you want to eat a hot breakfast, an interesting propositions are several types of cereals (including gluten-free version). Prepared with water or any type of milk, with nuts, seasonal fruits or dried fruits. Fresh juices complement the menu, e.g. with kale, apples and pineapple or citrus fruit with a grenade. STOR is also open in the evenings. You can then enjoy a glass of beer Sobótka Górka and look through the window at passing cars at Tamka Street. In the menu under the name of “bubbles” there is a glass of Italian Lambrusco. Any excuse is good to come here. You can drop by for a quick espresso in the morning, or work on the computer in peace for a few hours.
Text and photos: Przemyslaw Nieciecki.

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