Brewing and filtering

With us you will start your day with a Kenyan aromatic espresso or drip coffee. You will know the best baristas and the best coffee roasters. And because tea is the new coffee and is increasingly appearing in the third wave cafes, is brewed with the same care as chemex and drip coffee, this drink will be also available on Mysia Street.

Green, black, blooming or organic from distant China, India or Sri Lanka. In beautiful collector’s boxes and sold by weight. The popular and the unique ones. We will tell the history and methods of brewing and specialists from Berlin will invite for an unusual tasting. There will be a modern hand-formed pottery, and many accessories for making both coffee and tea.

Bałagan and Elementy will sell their clothes, shoes and bags, and some of the profit will be donated as usual, in the spirit Transparent Shopping to a social initiative. This time in connection with our event, they will find an initiative associated with spreading the culture of drinking coffee and tea in Poland.

Admission free. Organizer: USTA Magazin, Mysia Street 3


P & T Paper and Tea (Berlin), THE BARN (Berlin), Filtry Cafe (Warszawa), Java Coffee Company (Warszawa), Czajnikowy.pl (Gliwice), Magazyn Praga (Warszawa), Spiek Ceramiczny (Poznań), Andrzej Bero (Warszawa), The Merchands of Chai (Warszawa), The Tea (Łódź), Coffeedesk (Kołobrzeg), STOR (Warszawa), Ministerstwo Kawy (Warszawy), MOD (Warszawa), Balagan Elementy (Warszawa), Magdalena Święciaszek (Warszawa), Maison de The (Warszawa), Ceramika Barbara Turkiewicz (Warszawa), Pat Pottery, KOOE studio ceramiki, Klara Bukowska Ceramics, OdetteFENEK, Amii Filtry, Czarny Deszcz (Wrocław)
Coffee Proficiency (Kraków), Look At Me PlatesCoffee Zone Q BOX


11.00 – Brewing and tasting teas workshop, Paper & Tea (Berlin)

12.00 – The Barn, a story of the third wave cafés “The Barn Coffee Roasters a new age for coffee”

13.00 – Filtry Cafe: cupping around the world

14.00 – Koppi, Charles Nystrand and Ministerstwo Kawy invite you to coffee cupping from Koppi

15.00 – water in the brewing process, lecture and presentation of filters

16.00 – Czajnikowy.pl workshops: DO & DON’Ts in brewing tea

17.00 – Java Coffee: From bean to cup – different varieties of Arabica and the taste of coffee


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