The Festival of Flowers in Poznań

You will be able to buy seedlings to plant them on your balconies in your gardens and take blooming spring bouquets home. We have also prepared flower and plant workshops. Our guests will have opportunity to see how flower compositions are made and presented with exquisite craftsmanship, talk with growers or just simply do their shopping.
Among the exhibitors there will be producers of ceramic vessels, gardening tools and cosmetics. All that available directly from the producers. Snacks inspired by flowers and the spring will be there too. The festival will take place in the inner patio of the hotel, arranged in the same style as the patios of nearby cafes and restaurants. The place is adorned with decorative plants and flowers and there are comfortable furniture. The atmosphere of lush summer reigns in there. We are awaiting you with bouquets of spring flowers!
PURO Hotel Poznań, ul. Stawna 12, Poznań
12.00 – opening of the doors for the public
13.00-19.00 – all day long KWIATY&MIUT flower shop will hold mini workshops in making wreaths and tiny flower compositions for buttonholes (free).
14.00 – perfume workshop with Mo61 (During the Festival of Flowers you will be able to take part in exclusive perfume workshop and create your own unique scent together with Warsaw’s perfume manufacture Mo61. The cost of the workshop is 150 PLN per person (for a 30 ml perfume bottle) or 200 PLN (50 ml bottle). Sign up at: michal@mo61.pl. Feel invited! (the number of places is limited).
16.00 – the premiere of the book “O Kwiatach” (“On Flowers)** and the meeting with the authors: Radek Berent and Łukasz Marcinkowski.
EXHIBITORS: Kwiaty&Miut flower shop, Spiek Ceramiczny, Mo61, NIFTY No. 20, BOHO, GODny atelier bakery, FENEK, Min’s Onigiri, PIECE OF CAKE, Agata Bielen, KABAK, Kwietnik, Anna Ławska, Warsztat pracy, Usta Magazine, Hadaki, Lush Market, Kura Domowa, HELLO calligraphy. Natalia Musialska/Flower Market, Uashmama Polska

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