This time we will concentrate on coffee roasters, whose number is on the rise both in Poland and in the world. Their mission is to import the highest quality beans and roast them so that after grinding and brewing, they provide the finest flavour. You will have a chance to meet many of them, including Berlin’s Five Elephant.

Our festivals are fairs, where you can buy high quality items from carefully selected exhibitors. But at the same time, we organise a theoretical part with lectures, workshops and meetings. We can give you a sneak peek of some of them: the magazine devoted to coffee culture – Standart accepted our invitation. Its editor in chief, Michal Molcan, will tell you about his favourite cafes in the world. Additionally, Five Elephant will run the coffee workshops for you.


11.00-12.00 – Coffee cupping by the roasters taking part in the event.
12:00-13:30 – Lecture about the most interesting cafes in the world by Michal Molcan, publisher and editor in chief of Standart magazine (lecture in English, free admission).
13.00, 15.00, 17.00 – How to roast coffee beans – presentations at the JAVA Coffee Company stand.
14:30-16. 00 – “Better Water for Coffee Brewing at Home” workshop – run by barista and coffee chemist Ian Johnston from Five Elephant. You will learn about the impact of water quality on the process of coffee brewing. You will receive a solid package of tips and tricks you can use at home and some practice with interactive cupping (registrations are closed).
16.00 – Between lips and rim of a cup – lecture about coffee and tea sets from the collection of the Warsaw National Museum by curator Monika Siwińska (free admission).

Media partners: Gazeta.pl, Co Jest Grane24, USTA, Mlask, Warsaw Foodie, Warsawnow.pl

If you are an exhibitor and you are interested in working with us, please sign up at jarczak@ustamagazyn.pl. If you are a journalist, please contact us at bartkowiak@ustamagazyn.pl
Exhibitors: Five Elephant Coffee & Cake, Standart, FORUM, Mosko Ceramics, TheTea, MOD, ARTI UNICI world, MISS MELLOW, Andrzej Bero, DOTS Chocolate, Manufaktura Cieleśnica, KOOE studio ceramiki, Czajnikowy.pl – dobra herbata, Blanca Tea Brothers and Sisters Kombucha, Przegryź, Java Coffee Company, Nancy Lee, Coffee Republic, Herbaty Czas, Soyoosh, Czarna Fala, Mleko Living, PoPo ceramics, SOTE, La Vietnamita -Vietnamese Eatery, ZIOLOVE

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