The expanded PURO hotel overlooking Gdańsk’s Motława River offers Tricity visitors 211 rooms, including 9 suites and 5 conference rooms. There is also Dancing Anchor restaurant, sky bar INK Above and PRISMA spa, the first spa in the PURO hotels portfolio. The central location is one of the key elements of PURO’s identity. This is why in Gdańsk, the hotel is located at the Green Gate – the entrance to the old town, on the historical Granary Island. The interiors designed by London-based creative studio DeSallesFlint were inspired by the historical granaries, located on the site in the past. The designers also drew inspiration from the shipyard; it is especially visible in the construction elements of the 8-storey atrium.
Contemporary and classic design reign in PURO interiors. The furniture from finest global brands such as Carl Hansen & Son and Gubi from Denmark, Magis and Moroso from Italy, Swiss Vitra or Spanish Kettal are substantial elements of the architectural concept. In addition, there are lamps by Foscarin, &Tradition and Buster & Punch, which create unique lightening sensation. At the Dancing Anchor restaurant glass Amber-inspired lampshades, wrapped in few-meter-long lines hang above a large table.
The restaurant guests will love not only the delightful design but also the food created live from the open kitchen. The Dancing Anchor menu is based on fish and seafood, pork and chicken dishes. The main chef Marcin Małecki is famous all along the Baltic coast.
The INK Above bar has a splendid view over the marina. Guests can choose from a selection of original cocktails created in co-operation with the founders of Warsaw’s Kita Koguta cocktail bar. The amateurs of wellness can surrender their bodies and souls to PRISMA spa, where the treatments’ offer addresses both the needs of those in a hurry and those who can take their time. The modern body care and facials are performed with the use of the Polish cosmetics Alba1913.
PURO Gdańsk art collection features oil paintings, photography, graphics and sculpture. In the lobby, for instance, you will see a mural by Seikon, a renowned artist hailing from the Tricity street art milieu. In the gallery leading to the bar, there are photos of Sonia Szóstak and the walls of the restaurant are decorated with hyper-realistic linocuts of Aleksandra Prusinowska, a cosmic composition of Łukasz Patelczyk and a sea landscape of Tomasz Koodziejczyk. There are also works of foreign artists – photographs of Sara Morris and works of Andrzej Klimowski, Pipistrello inspired by the silent cinema

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