It’s too hard to decide which of the two we love more. We share the same approach to both coffee and tea – we need to make sure that we have finest quality beans and leaves, and that we apply precise brewing methods. We also look for new ways to serve coffee and tea in charming vessels. Since the first edition of the Festival of Tea and Coffee, we have been joined by niche ceramics studios whose bespoke vessels beautifully complement the brewing ceremony. We keep on searching for new authors and phenomena in Polish ceramics. We will present our recent discoveries at Mysia 3! This year we also take a closer look at rapidly developing Polish coffee roasters scene, new third wave cafes, which have been springing up like mushrooms across Poland, as well as the returning classics – sand coffee, Turkish coffee, herbal infusions and kombucha.

12.00 – Black Wave Sweeps the Whole Country – meeting with the owners of unique specialty cafes from all around Poland, the story of exceptional coffee places. Moderators: Agnieszka Bukowska (Coffeedesk) and Krzysiek Rzyman (STOR), authors of Coffee Spots Polska guide.
13.30-15.00 – Kombucha at Home – workshop with Mead Ladies on how to make kombucha and plant-based teas at home (up to 12 people, price 15 PLN, sign up at zapisy@ustamagazyn.pl)
16.00 – Coffee and Tea of the World – Moya Matcha will talk about unique drinks and brewing methods

EXHIBITORS: STOR, Czarna Fala, FENEK, KAKTUSY MOROZ, Merchants of Chai, Tahina Wilcza, Stratus Ceramics, Newby Teas Poland, Luna Mood Jewellery, Trzask Ceramics, TheTea, Pracownia Jubilerki Jewellery, Herbaty Czas, Daria Siwiak Jewellery, Majolika Nieborów, Anna Miau Ceramics, Moya Matcha, Pers-Pol Oriental Products, DOTS Chocolate, Cieleśnica Manufacture, Salon de Thé – Tea, Coffe, Accessories, Teahouse, One Cup of Tea, Coffee Proficiency, Magda Rychard Jewellery, Ceramika Barbara Turkiewicz

Contact for Exhibitors: zapisy@ustamagazyn.pl
Media Patrons: USTA Magazine, Co Jest Grane24, Stylish Paper, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsawnow.pl, Warsaw Foodie
Organisers: USTA Magazine, MYSIA 3 Shopping Centre


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