Coffee and Vintage Shopping


This unique space – an ancient villa with garden in the centre of Warsaw perfectly represents the vision of yestersen warsaw. Located here is the first bricks and mortar store and showroom of ystersen, opened in April this year. The interior is full of elements, which you can buy from yestersen: furniture, lightning, decoration and stylish bits and pieces like albums and stationery. Just like in the online store, the finest contemporary design mixes with icons of vintage and antiques.





“We want yestersen warsaw to be as lively as possible. Many friends of yestersen and clients come see us on a daily basis. In June, we organised our first local flower market. We heard on many occasions that people feel like at home surrounded by beautiful objects at yestersen. Now everyone can work, meet friends or just spend nice time over a cup of coffee at yestersen café, says Karol Misztal, founder and CEO of yestersen.





The interior of yestersen café is an escape from the city into a heavenly oasis. You can feel like somewhere between Havana in Cuba or exotic Mexico – but then the insular atmosphere meets the cult Czech vintage design. Textures mix with colours: leather, fur, velour, sage green and all shades of vivid rose. Plants decorate the cult wall units designed by L. Voláka, and the coffee is served on tables designed by J. Halabali. The stylish interior overlooks the urban garden and two-storey terrace hidden in the shadow on the other side of the building. When the weather is nice, you can take a sit there and relax in the rattan chairs from yestersen garden collection. The coffee beans in yestersen café comes from the local roasters Cophi.







Apart from traditional drinks there are also ‘alternatives’ available: drip, chemex and aeropress. You can enjoy them inside or order take-away. However, it is hard not to spend some time in this cosy space among all these lovely objects. Especially that, on top of that, yestersen serves desserts and cakes from MUUS Warsaw. There are cakes with cream, crumble, strawberry, delicate cheesecake with mango mousse, lemon tarts with light meringue top and cult brownie crowned with fruits. MUUS Warsaw makes these tiny works of art with great care for detail for delightful moments in the company of exquisite design.



About yestersen: yestersen is the biggest e-commerce platform in Poland dedicated to selected 20th century design, antiques and independent design. A team of experts carefully checks every item and chooses only the best ones to help save the time of design lovers and professionals in search of unique furniture, lightning and accessories. Currently, yestersen offer includes 10,000 unique items from all around the world.

yestersen café

Lekarska 5, Warsaw

Monday-Saturday 11.00-19.00

Sunday 11.00-16.00


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