Slowlife in the Izery Mountains



When you think about the Polish mountains, you probably have in mind the mountain paths in the Tatras or the poloniny meadows in Bieszczady. Meanwhile, hardly anyone knows that the Izery Mountaisn are a sheer treasure. This is one of the least populated places in Europe, with welcoming people, unspoiled nature, full of inspiring architecture of the old abandoned houses, mellow slopes for wanderers in the summer and cross-country skiers in the wintertime (the famous cross-country race Bieg Piastow takes place here). There is also the marvellous Valley of Palaces and Gardena which Ludwig van Beethoven and Goethe had loved to visit during their lifetime.


Łukasz and Piotr fell in love with the Izery Mountains and left Warsaw to find a new place to live in Kwieciszowice, a village with 100 inhabitants. We are not surprised by their choice; this peaceful and quiet place is a great getaway from the always-rushing Warsaw. Their new home has soul and history. The building dates back to 1913. In early 20th century, it used to house an evangelic school. Thanks to the new owners, this 400-metre building has become a guesthouse with just 5 comfortable rooms, where you can stay with your friends or family.





The new owners took great care to preserve the authentic character of the building. When you arrive in KWIECI you will certainly spend some time in the large common room. This room, 4-metre high with three massive windows letting the light in, was a classroom in the past. Now it is the heart of the house, where you can slowly enjoy the local food or just enjoy your free time. The common living room is a mix of traditional construction elements with modern furniture, such as granite tables, Italian armchairs or chandeliers designed by Pani Jurek. The walls in most of the rooms are decorated with works by Polish designers and illustrators: Justyna Frąckiewicz, Aleksandra Morawiak, Pola Augustynowicz or Aga Więckowska. The latter is the author of graphics that decorate the wall in the living room – they depict ragged robin and Eurasian hoopoe – a typical fauna and flora of the region.




Additionally, the guests can use a 2.5-acres orchard and a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables overlooking Kaczawskie Mountains called the Land of Extinxt Volcanoes. Right behind the house there are hammocks hanging among the pear trees and hanging armchairs below the sweet cherry trees. In this  lovely scenery you can have an evening bonfire or watch the Milky Way which is very well visible from the KWIECI guesthouse. Staying close to nature, you will eat fresh produce – fruits and vegetables. Mamy of them – tomatoes, courgettes, kale or beetroots – come from the vegetable garden set up by the owners. Piotr i Łukasz pay great attention to the food served at KWIECI. The menu was created by Wit Szychowski (Pan Tasak) and it includes delicacies like a granola from buckwheat from a local eco groats maker, omelette with sauerkraut and honey, or a dessert with plums cooked in coffee and tarragon with roasted bell pepper mousse.




Every season is a good season to visit the guesthouse of Łukasz and Piotr. In the summer, you can spend time in the garden or hiking in the mountains, in the winter, you can go sking and then come back to warm up by the fireplace, in autumn, you can do both. Whenever you come, you will experience the peace and the surrounding silence that will certainly help you to take a deep breath and rest from the big city life. Isn’t it the ultimate luxury in our bustling times?


KWIECI – Guesthouse in the Izery Mountains.

Kwieciszowice 22A


Text: Michał Baran

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