We all knew we have to slow down but no one knew how to take this step on a global level. Today, confined in compulsory quarantine, we are forced to face numerous restrictions. We can still take care of ourselves and we actually have more time for books, films, walks, our loved ones, cooking, jogging, yoga or meditation. In this issue of the USTA Magazine, we bring you some advice on how to reinforce yourselves: from jiu‐jitsu practiced by Alex Atala, the most rock-and-roll chef in the world, singing in the choir, cleansing in the Mexican sauna temazcal, Buddhist satsang, to the lesson in healthy eating prepared by a Belgian chef based in Warsaw Laurent de Bremaeker. He knows what he is talking about because he spent quite a long time at the Hippocrates Health Institute, which conducts some of the most advanced research in the world on the impact of what we eat on our health. This knowledge will certainly prove useful at the time when we attempt to boost our immunity. We draw our force also from travelling. Our last trip to Mexico was especially energetic. This country has such power that it won our hearts. We described in this issue a couple of Mexican stories that we were especially fascinated with. The architecture of Luisa Barragán, the spectacular lucha libre fights and the modern production of mescal. We also added a guide to Mexico City. We hope that now that we all cannot travel, these stories will bring you some sunshine, happiness and hope in your spring days in the lockdown. Have a nice reading!

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