My self-confidence is growing. My knowledge about the city is getting better, even if I can’t see much, because I spend the whole days at work. I love the mornings, when I get up a little after 7, I drink the coffee, I eat half an avocado, I get on a bike, I turn on the music and I go to the work. I am still a part of the production team. When it comes to my tasks, I precisely separate the thyme’s leafs from the branch, I peel the potatoes, walnuts, verbena’s leafs  and I clean the moss. Apart from that, every evening I work as a waitress and I do the plating – I arrange and decorate the food on plates. It gets more and more interesting, and there are new tasks coming up. The last week turned out to be very quiet. However, this one will be intense since I will be in a group of interns preparing the ‘staff meal’, that is, a breakfast and a dinner for the entire team. Such a challenge! Mainly, because Rene adores the staff meals. He treats it as one of the most important tasks in Noma. The morning breakfast is supposed to give us the energy all day long, and the dinner is supposed to be whole day’s capstone. Two weeks ago we ate the Korean cuisine with kimchi salad full of hot seasonings, then the English cuisine, that is, the classical yorkshirre pudding and the real English breakfast. And now it’s time for Poland. Bartek and I, selected because of the shared origins, we have our hands full of work. We decided to present the Polish cuisine from the polish milk bars side. We started with meatballs in the mushroom sauce, and in plans we still have a goulash and the pork chops. Additionally, I intend to make a few dishes from my veggie menu. Of course, we are determined to make everything perfect. For a few days we pickle the cabbage, and today we made newly pickled cucumbers using the greenhouse cucumbers. What’s interesting, we can’t use the buckwheat groats because in Denmark it is too expensive. Who would have thought! Ah and of course we marinated the mushrooms! I collected them by myself during the foraging, which is not popular here, nobody picks the mushrooms. So when I accidently found a plot of cep mushrooms, it was fully mine.




Of course I’m a bit anxious about preparing the lunch for everyone, because satisfying a hundred of persons might turn to be really difficult. But on the flip side there is a plenty of fun and small lesson about the Polish cuisine. Keep your fingers crossed firmly, because apart from the fact that we pickle the cabbage for the first time, we plan to make the most traditional borscht. It is funny that everyone who hears about the fact that we -the  Poles- will be cooking, says: make the dumplings! And we are laughing out loud  because, in fact, we would have to make about a thousand of dumpling’s pieces in order to feed everyone. So, staring from today I plan to get up every day at 5.30  in order to feed the Noma’s team. What a challenge! Bye!

Text: Maria Przybyszewska, photo: Magazyn USTA

The review sponsor from z Marii Przybyszewska Noma‘s stay is the HERMES, a producent of flavoured waters.  www.hermes-amita.com.pl


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