NOMA: Finally we speak about a real cooking!

René, Lars and Thomas, i.e. the saint Noma’s trinity, flew to Japan, due to their soon removal. The restaurant is moving out for a few months to Tokyo, starting from the first half of the January, where Noma will be functioning as a pop-up restaurant. The entire staff which works here in Copenhagen, also moves to Japan, apart from trainees of course. Therefore the entire Noma ‘s team attends now the courses learning basic expressions in Japanese. But, sometimes it also happens, that during staff meetings we – the trainee – also practice the Japanese bow with the bosses the party. (a little explanation: the so-called bosses of the party are the people who run individual Noma’s sections and are also our mentors). Behind our windows it is getting more and more cold, therefore there are new dishes turning up in the menu. For example, instead of serving rosehips as an appetizer, there are a currant and marinated rose petals’s ‘flowers’ accessing the card. Also, the truffles finally appeared in the menu-they are gigantic and they are haughty landing on the pancake with spinach leaves. The work on components for these dishes is for the next week my task, because I changed my section into “snacks”, so now I will be in the team responsible for the appetizers. That means for me more frequent visits in the kitchen at the bottom. I so can’t wait to see it, since I will finally be working in the kitchen responsible for the lunch and dinner service, where only a few interns have a chance to work. At the same time, I am obviously a bit afraid. Like I already once wrote, the amount of experience you had in the past or the number of  schools you finished doesn’t matter here just as nobody cares about the lack of experience. From now on, it’s time for a full mobilization and concentration, eyes and ears wide opened, and zero, absolutely ZERO mistakes allowed. Otherwise, there are two options – either you are rushing out upstairs or you are sacked from a section and you go back to the production department. There is a very intense week ahead of me! See you soon!
text: Maria Przybyszewska, photo: USTA Magazine
The review sponsor from z Marii Przybyszewska Noma‘s stay is the HERMES, a producent of flavoured waters.  www.hermes-amita.com.pl

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